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Sewer Hunt – Yes a hunt in the sewer, a sim size sewer at that. Time to get your waders on and get dirty as you go on a hunt for prize poo. Yes, poo. Do not worry, it is cute poo, we promise. No really, it is cute. Street Sale – There will be stores set up in the streets at our in world headquarters. You will find items 30% off or more at each booth. Giveaways & more! Since we have an entire month to celebrate, there is bound to be giveaways, parties, and probably more, knowing us.

Hunt NameScoop’n’Score
Hunt/Event DatesMay 1st-31st
Applications Deadline DateApril 25th
Where To Applyhttps://secondlifesyndicate.com/home/sim/#annivapp
Organisers SL NameYlva Korhonen
Any Other Info
Type of HuntSim Hunt
In-World Starting URLhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Syndicate/65/220/2202
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object:Cute mesh poo
Cost of Hunt0
Hunt Groupsecondlife:///app/group/d35c55f4-6a4f-eb2d-1dae-af9665f6f4cd/about

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