Open Hunt Applications

This is where you will find the links to the application info, the deadline for the application, the hunt dates and the organizer/contact person for the hunt.  If a link is not working, let me know and I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as possible.


AleiaSerenity Sapphire   

  1. Spookzilla Hunt & Costume Party App. Deadline:  None  Hunt Dates:  October 22 – November 1  Contact Person:  TREvents  THEME:  Halloween, Goth, Occult, Horror (Hunt Info:  We are seeking stores to join in The 9th Annual Spookzilla Hunt & Costume Party! Please review the requirements and apply! All store types are welcome! No mainstore required to participate. How to Apply:
  2. TFL 2021 Holiday Event App. Deadline: Rolling Event Dates: December 11 – December 31 Contact Person: TFL Management THEME: Candy Cane Wonderland How to Apply:
  3. Crypt Crawl App. Deadline: October 20 Hunt Dates: October 25 – November 6 Contact Person: Yiva Korhonen THEME: Halloween Cemetery Hunt How to Apply:
  4. Hinterland Pumpkin Hunt App. Deadline: October 20 Hunt Dates: October 25 – October 31 Contact Person: Seth Ravenwing THEME: Hinterland presents it’s annual Pumpkin Hunt thoughout this gay man’s lifestyle sim. Twelve prizes to be collected ~(donated by sim merchants and friends, including Cubura, OPA, Marco Moda, USC Textures and others) plus a spcial Grand Prize if you find all the hidden pumpkins! How to Apply: Contact Seth Ravenwing
  5. The Red Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: October 28 Hunt Dates: November 1 – November 30 Contact Person: Johannes Huntsman THEME: The 2021 Red Hunt will take place November 1 to 30, 2021 and is in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! All items are 10 lindens with 100% of the proceeds going to Team Diabetes of Second Life. How to Apply:
  6. Wandering Souls Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: October 29 Hunt Dates: November 1 – November 31 Contact Person: Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, Morrigan Ethaniel THEME: Free themed with a focus on the fantasy, nostalgia, gothic, spiritual and ghostly, fog, castles, forest, autumn, elves, goblins, wizards. Feel free to create! How to Apply:
  7. The Christmas Event  App. Deadline:  November 5  Event Dates:  November 20 – December 15  Contact Person:  Kaerri Rae  Event Info:  Get a head start on your shopping at this old fashioned holiday celebration and Christmas event that features activities and shopping for the whole family. Visit 1920/30s New York and write letters to Santa and pose for a photo with the jolly old soul, ice skate around one of the largest Christmas trees in Second Life while listening to live music, watch fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoy free hot chocolate and apple cider, roast marshmallows or check out the speakeasy, and buy handmade gifts and décor or maybe even a Christmas house from some of the best creators in Second Life. Bought to you by The Grove Country Club Estates and Kaerri.  How to Apply:
  8. Naughty or Nice 7 Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: November 7 Hunt Dates: December 1 – December 31 Contact Person: Chrissy Sparrowtree THEME: All about Christmas, lumps of coal, good, bad, naughty or nice. Get Creative and have fun with it. Anything goes! How to Apply:
  9. Black Friday Bazaar 4 App. Deadline: November 13 Event Dates: November 20 – November 30 Contact Info: Allie Munro Event Info: No theme, lots of sales for Pre-Christmas How to Apply:
  10. Grumpy Santa Hunt 4 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: November 15 Hunt Dates: December 3 – December 31 Contact Person: Allie Munroe THEME: Holiday, Gag Gift How to Apply:
  11. The Candy Christmas Hunt 5 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: November 15 Hunt Dates: December 2 – 31 Contact Person: Cajuntease THEME: Snow, Cold, Christmas, Yule Tide and HO HO HO! How to Apply:
  12. Better Not Pout (grid-wide) App. Deadline: November 17 Hunt Dates; December 1 – 31 Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg THEME: Christmas, Winter, Holidays How to Apply:
  13. Magical Winter Fair & Hunt App. Deadline: November 21 Fair & Hunt Dates: November 22 – January 7 Contact Person: Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, Morrigan Ethaniel THEME: free themed with a focus on diversity, fantasy, autumn, fairies, elves, dragons, nocturnal animals, Gothic style, freedom and wild nature. How to Apply:
  14. Joeux Noel 2 (grid-wide)  App. Deadline:  November 30  Hunt Dates:  December 1 – 31  Contact Person:  Evelyn Hartshon  THEME:  Unusual Christmas! Could be something anti- Christmas or something that’s traditional.  How to Apply:
  15. The Naughty List 6 App. Deadline: December 4 Event Dates: December 11 – 31 Contact Person: Allie Munro Event Info: Christmas-Naughty vs Nice How to Apply:


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