Open Hunt Applications

This is where you will find the links to the application info, the deadline for the application, the hunt dates and the organizer/contact person for the hunt.  If a link is not working, let me know and I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as possible.


AleiaSerenity Sapphire   

  1. Ice Cream Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: June 28 Hunt Dates: July 1 – July 31 Contact Person: Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, VitaVita THEME: Anything that can remember and refresh the summer, the sparkling summer colors, the sweets, the sea, the sun … Feel free to create! How to Apply:
  2. Summer sunrise Fair & Hunt App. Deadline: June 30 Fair Dates: June 15 – August 31 Contact Person: Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, VitaVita THEME: the gain is from the designers). All donations are for the fundraising to IKSDP-Harambee project Gwassi Kenya schools. How to Apply:
  3. Friend or Foe Hunt 5.0 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 9 Hunt Dates: August 1 – August 18 Contact Person: Chrissy Sparrowtree THEME: Friend or Foe How to Apply:
  4. DLS- Elemental Desire 3 Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 10 Hunt Dates: July 25 – August 25 Contact Person: Lynn Pooley THEME: Earth, water, fire and the theme. Can be elements or colors of. Options are endless. What element controls your desires?! <— (Adult// Mature Theme welcomed) No Limits on what you choose to create : ) How to Apply:
  5. Dog Days of Summer Hunt App. Deadline: July 10 Hunt Dates: August 1 – 31 Contact Person: Shortleash & Millicentbranwen THEME: Summer, Kinky, pet play, cute, sexy, BDSM, Adult How to Apply:
  6. Back To School Hunt 4 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 15 Hunt Dates: August 1 – 31 Contact Person: CajunTease THEME: It is back to school for our little ones. Let us help them show up in style! How to Apply:
  7. Happy Birthday Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 20 Hunt Dates: August 1 – August 31 Contact Person: Nefeli Rickena THEME: Birthday, Party, Balloons How to Apply:
  8. Twisted Hunt Fall 2020 (Drow) (grid-wide) App. Deadline: August 23 Hunt Dates: September 1 – 30 Contact Person: Rox Arten THEME: Drow is … A member of a fictional race of dark elves in various fantasy settings… or … A fictional constructed language spoken by the Drow … or … A trow; a member of a race of folkloric beings from Orkney and Shetland; cognate to the Scandinavian troll. A word of caution, Drow can be fully and wholly generic, or potentially an IP issue. We have a no-tolerance policy for these kinds of infringements. So please take care that you are NOT using copyrighted images, names, etc from various games and are instead ensuring that your items are within the generic realm of the Drow that is most common! How to Apply:
  9. Kink or Treat Hunt App. Deadline; August 31 Hunt Dates: October 1 – October 31 Contact Person: Shortleash & Millicentbranwen THEME: Halloween, Kinky, Autumn, Cute, pet play, BDSM, Adult How to Apply:
  10. The Mad Circus App. Deadline: September 1 Event Dates: October 10 – October 31 Contact Person: Allie Munro THEME: The theme of the event is HALLOWEEN, DARK, TWISTED & CIRCUS BIZARRE. We LOVE Halloween and being scared, so bring your best scary! There are 3 sizes of booth: sponsor, regular, and cart. The number of designers is limited. 1 exclusive and 1 10L special is required. How to Apply: Visit for all of the details under applications.
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