Open Hunt Applications

This is where you will find the links to the application info, the deadline for the application, the hunt dates and the organizer/contact person for the hunt.  If a link is not working, let me know and I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as possible.


AleiaSerenity Sapphire

  1. Journey To The Safari Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 20    Hunt Dates: February 1 – 28    Contact Person: Xandra Bressig    THEME: A Safari Journey
  2. Love Hunt  (grid-wide)     App. Deadline: January 20    Hunt Date: February 1 – 28    Contact Person: Nefeli Rickena     THEME: Valentine’s Day
  3. Romancing The Stone Age Cart Sale + Hunt    App. Deadline: January 20    Event/hunt Dates; February 1 – 28    Contact Person: MargeKinson    THEME: the Place- Buena Vista .. What period in history do you love?
  4. Mystery Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 21    Hunt Dates: February 1 – 28    Contact Person: Sinfullysaucy Spiritor    THEME: Mystery, no pictures to keep with the mystery theme
  5. Love Me Tender Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 22    Hunt Dates: FebHruary 2 – 28    Contact Person: CajunTease    THEME: Love is in the air so “Be My Valentine” *NOTE:*  Grab the Application Notecard From the App Board Here  
  6. Michievous Mayhem’s Cupid’s Conspiracy Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 23    Hunt Date: February 1-28    Contact Person: Horr Amaterasu    THEME: Cupid’s Good Or Darker Side
  7. In The Mood For Love (grid-wide)    App. Deadline:  January 24    Hunt Dates; February 1 – 28    Contact Person: JungUknow    THEME: Love and romance or Self Love and Pampering
  8. Romancify Your Body Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 26     Hunt Dates: February 1 – 28    Contact Person: mirandaaaaaa    THEME: any Romance/Valentines that can be applied to or put on a mesh body and/or parts, for clothing, one size must be fitted. For anything else that aren’t mesh body/parts related, must fit the theme.
  9. Paint It Black Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 29    Hunt Dates: February 1 – 28    Contact Person: Victoria MacFanatic    THEME: The Rolling Stones, Rock N Roll, Grunge, Metal, Alt Music, Goth music & fashion, Rockabilly and any other items must be solid black that are not in those themes
  10. Steam XXX: STEAMpunk Wonderland (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 31    Hunt Dates:  March 1 – 31    Contact Person: Perryn Peterson    THEME: Celebrating the wonders and wonderfule creations of STEAM
  11. So Blue Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 4    Hunt Dates: February 7 – 28 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: This the hunt for those that have the winter blues, the ‘I’m so lonely’ blues or the I can’t stand Valentines Day blues
  12. The April Witch    App. Deadline: February 5    Event Dates: April 7 – April 28    Contact Person: insilvermoonlight & amaryllisoona    THEME: DARK ENCHANTED FOREST during the SPRING EQUINOX. Inspired by Grimm’s Fairy tales, this event has a light side AND a definite dark side.
  13. What Lucky Tonight Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 7    Hunt Dates: March 2 – 31 Contact Person: CajunTease    THEME: St. Patrick’s Day, Bring on the green  *NOTE:*  Grab the Application Notecard From the App Board Here  
  14. Spring Twisted Hunt 2018: Atlantis (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 13 (or sooner if all spots are filled)  Hunt Dates: March 10 – 31    Contact Person: Rox Arten     THEME:  Atlantis through creative interpretations
  15. Dress Her Up Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 14    Hunt Dates: March 1 – 31    Contact Person: Sinfullysaucy Spiritor    THEME: anythign to dress her up such as clothing, shoes, hair, home or anything else she has
  16. Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt    App. Deadline: February 15    Hunt Dates: March 23 – April 6    Contact Person: Kahvy Sands    THEME: Spring and Easter, Egg hunt all over the sim
  17. #TTP Spring Party    App. Deadline: February 15    Event Dates: March 1 – 31    Contact Person: Turainia    THEME: Spring is natures way of saying ‘Let’s party!’, Spring floral patterns, St. Patties Day, Smiles for Happiness Day, endless possibilities
  18. The Love Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 15    Hunt Dates; February 20 – March 20    Contact Person: Orgasma Dimsum or ToxicHunts    THEME: Anything Goes
  19. Lucky Tonight Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 17    Hunt Dates: March 2 – 31    Contact Person: Cajuntease    THEME: how lucky do you feel, the greenest time of the year, a time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, bring on the green
  20. Femboy Hunt 10 (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 26    Hunt Dates: March 1 – 30    Contact Person: Taki Kujisawa   THEME: Cyberpunk
  21. Mad As A Hare Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: March 4    Hunt Dates: March 7 – 31    Contact Person:  Xzavia Yifu    THEME: This theme is based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass which is in the public domain and your interpretations on this theme are welcome.
  22. April Showers Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 4    Hunt Dates: April 7 – 30    Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: It’s raining it’s pouring, being stuck inside is boring! Getting cabin fever? Desperate to go outside but it’s raining, again? Let’s make the best of it by finding ways to have fun in wet and windy April
  23. I Feel Pretty Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 17    Hunt Dates: May 1 – 30    Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg & Isabelle Torok    THEME: feeling pretty, sexy, dressing up, lingerie, makeup, nails, going out on the town
  24. May Flowers Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: May 4    Hunt Dates: May 7 – 31    Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: Spring is in full bloom. Time to celebrate the warm and colorful days ahead
  25. Around The Grid in 80 Days 6 Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: July 5    Hunt Dates: July 13 – September 30    Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg & Isabelle Torok    THEME: open


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