Open Hunt Applications

This is where you will find the links to the application info, the deadline for the application, the hunt dates and the organizer/contact person for the hunt.  If a link is not working, let me know and I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as possible.


AleiaSerenity Sapphire   

  1. Fur Your Entertainment Hunt (grid-wide)  App. Deadline: April 13    Hunt Dates:  April 15 – May 15    Contact Person: Victoria MacFanatic    THEME: Inspired by Adam Lambert, Emo, Furry & Alt Avi, also, goth, punk, glam rock & grunge fashion
  2. I Feel Pretty Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 17    Hunt Dates: May 1 – 30    Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg & Isabelle Torok    THEME: feeling pretty, sexy, dressing up, lingerie, makeup, nails, going out on the town
  3. Remembering You Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 18    Hunt Dates: May 1 – 31    Contact Person: Cajuntease    THEME: Remembering those closest to our hearts …  can be anything that reminds us of those people or this time of year
  4. Family Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 20    Hunt Dates: May 1 – 31    Contact Person: Nefeli Rickena    THEME: All about Family, love for the family
  5. May Flowers (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 24    Hunt Dates: May 1 – 30    Contact Person: Sinfullysaucy Spiritor    THEME: Anything Floral or Spring
  6. The Retro Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 24    Hunt Dates:  May 1 – May 31    Contact Person:  JungUknow    THEME: Retro
  7. Enter Fantasy: Winters End (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 26    Hunt Dates: May 1 – 31    Contact Person: Karakarkar    THEME: Winters End
  8. The Jersey Shore 3   App. Deadline: May 1    Event Dates:  June 9 – June 30    Contact Person:  Allie Munro    THEME: Fun and Blingy, from cutesy sweet to nude and naughty.  all things blingy, showy, over the top and beachy.  Go in either direction with boardwalk carnival or beach bling, summer themed.
  9. The Four Seasons Hunt 3 (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: May 3    Hunt Dates: June 3 – 26    Contact Person: karma Maesar    THEME: Summer, Autum, Winter and Spring
  10. May Flowers Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: May 4    Hunt Dates: May 7 – 31    Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: Spring is in full bloom. Time to celebrate the warm and colorful days ahead
  11. Red Shoe Diaries / Little Black Book 3 Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: May 10    Hunt Dates: May 25 – June 25    Contact Person: Lynn Pooley    THEME: What secrets are written in your diaries.  no specific theme
  12. Gotta Get A Gacha    App. Deadline: May 17    Event Dates: June 1 – 15    Contact Person: Sinfullysaucy Spiritor    THEME: anything
  13. Anything Goes Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: May 25th    Hunt Dates: June 1 – 30    Contact Person: mirandaaaaaa    THEME:  Anything
  14. Scorching Summer Cart Sale    App. Deadline: June 5    Event Dates: June 17 – 30    Contact Person: Sinfullysaucy Spiritor    THEME: Summer cart sale, no theme
  15. The Beached Bunny Hunt 8 (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: June 15    Hunt Dates:  July 3 – July 31    Contact Person:  Allie Munro    THEME:  Beach/Summer
  16. Fable 3… Once Upon A Time    App. Deadline: July 1    Event Dates: August 4 – August 26    Contact Person: Allie Munro    THEME:    What do you dream of – what is your fairy tale or horror story? You as the designer create your own story in this Evil Bunny Productions event. Fairies, elves, fantasy, horror, the choice is yours. It is your story to write. 1 exclusive and 1 10L special is required
  17. Around The Grid in 80 Days 6 Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: July 5    Hunt Dates: July 13 – September 30    Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg & Isabelle Torok    THEME: open
  18. The Selfie Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline:  June 3    Hunt Dates: June 7 – June 30    Contact Info: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: Show t5he world how powerful, precious or just fantastically fabulous you realy are.  Indulge yourself … it’s all about you
  19. Dog Days Of Summer Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: July 3     Hunt Dates: July 7 – July 31     Contact Info: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: How do you enjoy your long summer days despite the heat?
  20. Meh, Whatever Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline:  August 3    Hunt Dates: August 7 – August 31    Contact Info: XzaviaYifu    THEME:  Make whatever you want
  21. Nevermore Hunt (grid-wide)   App. Deadline: September 3   Hunt Dates: September 7 – September 30    Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: anything dark, poetic, gothic, etc
  22. Greatest Fear Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: October 3    Hunt Dates: October 7 – October 31    Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: Creepy, scary, gory, etc
  23. Long Winter’s Nap Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 3   Hunt Dates: November 7 – November 30    Contact Person; Xzavia Yifu    THEME: How do you approach Winter’s icy embrace?


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