Open Hunt Applications

This is where you will find the links to the application info, the deadline for the application, the hunt dates and the organizer/contact person for the hunt.  If a link is not working, let me know and I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as possible.


AleiaSerenity Sapphire   

  1. Valentine’s Day Street Fair App. Deadline: February 9 Fair Dates: February 10 – February 15 Contact Person: Perryn Peterson THEME: Valentine’s Day Street Fair in the shopping district of Victorian Steampunk Mieville Doyle! How To Apply: Contact Perryn Peterson
  2. Darker Days Of St. Patrick’s (grid-wide) App. Deadline: February 10th Hunt Dates: March 1 – 31 Contact Person: Lilyanna Mandrake THEME: A evil laughter comes from the pot full of gold.. A smoke cloud appears as what you think will be a sweet ol’ Leprechaun..but to your surprise he is not sweet.. colorful… or happy… So use your imagination of what the Darker side of St. Patricks Day would be How To Apply:
  3. The Darker Side Of St. Patrick’s Day App. Deadline: February 10 Event Dates: March 1 – 15 Contact Person: Lilyanna Mandrake THEME: St. Patrick’s Day is all about the beer, shamrocks, and so forth…but what would be the dark side of St. Patrick’s Day…Evil, Dark, Creepy, Gothic all those sides that most don’t even think about. How To Apply:
  4. Lucky Tonight Hunt 2 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: February 14 Hunt Dates: March 2 – 31 Contact Person: Cajuntease THEME: St. Patrick’s Day. How lucky are you? How do you spend your St. Patrick’s Day? Give items to help celebrate being Green. How To Apply:
  5. GWH Everything Green Hunt (grid-wide)   App. Deadline: February 15   Hunt Dates: March 1 – March 31 Contact Person: Abynormal THEME: Green. It’s appropriate for all ages. Areas will be M and G rated (no Adult sims). How To Apply: Message Abynormal
  6. STEAM XIV: Steam Me Up! (grid-wide) App. Deadline: February 15 Hunt Dates: March 1 – 31 Contact Person: Perryn Peterson THEME: Steampunk How To Apply
  7. Luck of The Irish Hunt 4.0 (grid-wide) App. Deadline:  February 19   Hunt Dates: March 1 -18 Contact Person: Chrissy Sparrowtree THEME: St. Patrick’s Day, Irish, Green, Shamrocks, Orange, Ireland, Leprechaun’s, Pot of Gold How To Apply:
  8. Superheros Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: February 20 Hunt Dates: March 1 – 31 Contact Person: Nefeli Rickena THEME: All about Super Heros How To Apply:
  9. Spring Fling Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: February 25 Hunt Dates: March 1 – 31 Contact Person: GiaBlossom THEME: Designers are welcomed to portray spring from the eyes of the beholder. All stores are allowed Including gestures, decor, female, male or unisex items as well as children items, textures etc. Please Note that all Adult sim stores will be placed at the end of the list. How To Apply:
  10. Femboy 12 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: February 26 Hunt Dates: March 1 – 31 Contact Person: Taki Kujisawa THEME: Femboy, androgynous, neutrois, non-binary and alternate gendered avatars Casual every day clothing. How To Apply:
  11. The Boho Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: February 28 Hunt Dates: March 15 – March 31 Contact Person: Karma Maeser THEME: Boho, hippy, pastel, tribal pattern, hippy chick, gypsy etc … How To Apply:
  12. The Dark Side 4 App. Deadline: March 1 Event Dates: April 6 – 30 Contact Person: Allie Munro THEME: good versus evil/light versus dark    How To Apply
  13. Strut Your Stuff (grid-wide) App. Deadline: March 3 Hunt Dates: March 7 – 31 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Glamour, Shiny, Confidence, Pride     How To Apply:
  14. The Darkness Inside 3 Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: March 10 Hunt Dates: March 25 – April 25 Contact Person: Lynn Pooley THEME: Darkness Inside can refer to many things. It can fit many themes. You can share what the darkness inside means for you! Hunt is open to PG and Mature & Adult Sims.. Absolutely no children’s stores regardless of sim rating. How To Apply:
  15. Evil Bunny Hunt 9 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: March 15th or when full Hunt Dates: April 3 – 30 Contact Person: Allie Munro THEME: naughty, nice, sexy, sweet, angel, devil, Easter and Spring is fine. Just make them naughty or nice. It’s a bunny with an evil, bloody carrot-run with it How To Apply:
  16. Quest Fur Cover (grid-wide) App. Deadline: March 18 Hunt Dates: April 1 – 31 Contact Person: Becky Doulton THEME: Furry/Furry Friendly stores How To Apply:
  17. Spring Foolery Hunt 4 (grid-wide)  App. Deadline: March 18    Hunt Dates:  April 1 – 18   Contact Person: Chrissy Sparrowtree   THEME: Spring colors, flowers, silliness, pranks and jokes   How To Apply:
  18. Spring Is In The Air Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: April 3 Hunt Dates: April 7 – 30 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Sring, Flowers, Renewal, etc    How To Apply:
  19. The 4 Seasons Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: April 9 Hunt Dates: May 3 – 26 Contact Person: Karma Maesar THEME: The 4 Seasons: Summer, Autum/Fall, Winter & Spring How To Apply:
  20. Ladybug Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: May 3 Hunt Dates: May 7 – 31 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Ladybugs, flowers, etc    How To Apply:
  21. Around The Grid In 80 Days 7 Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 6 Hunt Dates: July 13 – July 6 Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg THEME: Open theme to show off your style How To Apply:
  22. Gothic Masquerade (grid-wide) App. Deadline: September 17 Hunt Dates: October 1 – October 31 Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg THEME: Halloween, Goth, Parties, masquerade Balls How To Apply:


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