Open Hunt Applications

This is where you will find the links to the application info, the deadline for the application, the hunt dates and the organizer/contact person for the hunt.  If a link is not working, let me know and I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as possible.


AleiaSerenity Sapphire

  1. Mastectomy Surgery / Fundraiser Hunt   App. Deadline: No Deadline   Event Dates:  Ongoing    Contact Person:  Gaiarex   THEME:  This is a Free Hunt but also to pass on a Fundraiser Link for a person in need of a Real Life Mastectomy Surgery. Your Gift can be anything we are looking for as many shops as we can for this. We ask that you DO NOT use a freebie type thing for your gift. With your welcome pack you will get a poster to hang up with the link to the Fundraiser. We ask you MUST put out BOTH posters.
  2. The Biuzarre Fair   Event Dates: 6 – 20 every month Contact Person: Porcelan THEME: comical, curious, extraordinary, fantastic, freakish, grotesque, ludicrous, odd, offbeat, outlandish, peculiar, ridiculous, unusual, weirdeccentric, far-out, grody, kooky, oddball, off the wall.
  3. WillowVale    Event Dates: Ongoing    Contact Person: 8isgreatdontblate or Boxcarkid THEME: Game as well as a Hunt
  4. Holiday Feast Hunt (grid-wide)   App. Deadline: October 23   Hunt Dates: November 2 – 30   Contact Person: Cajuntease   THEME:  What will you bring, wear or even meet for a holiday feast   Grab the App. NC from The Hunt Resource Center
  5. Warm Your Heart    App. Deadline: October 25      Event Dates: November 8 – 30    Contact Person: Isabelle Torok & Ripley Rozenberg    THEME: Holidays, Love, family, time together, gifts
  6. Marketplace Leaves Hunt (grid-wide)     App. Deadline: October 27     Hunt Dates: November 1 – November 29     Contact Person: Cheryne Jewell    THEME: Autumnal Items
  7. Pity Party At The DollHouse Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: October 28    Hunt Dates: November 1 – 30   Contact Person: Victoria MacFanatic    THEME: A Melanie martinez, patel goth & Kawaii Inspired
  8. Hunt For Your Inner Slut (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 1    Hunt Dates: November 15 – December 15    Contact Person: Sufferingfrom Lockjaw     THEME: Mystical (adult)
  9. Peace On Earth 10 (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: Designers-November 1  & Bloggers-November 15    Hunt Dates: December 1 – 31    Contact Person: Tiviyah    THEME: Holidays, Winter, Christmas, Peace, Angel, etc
  10. The Naughty List 2     App. Deadline: November 1    Event Dates:  December 9 – December 31    Contact Person:  Allie Munro   THEME: Santa’s List
  11. The Togetherness Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 1    Hunt Dates: November 5 – 30  Contact Person:  Noahavery   THEME:  Focuses around family and friends.  Things that can be done together
  12. Get Stuffed Hunt (grid-wide)   App. Deadline: November 4   Hunt Dates: November 7 – November 30   Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu   THEME: Thankgiving
  13. Feel My Sack 4 (grid-wide)   App. Deadline: November 8   Hunt Dates:  December 8 – 29    Contact Person:  Karma Maesar   THEME: Christmas
  14. Furget-Me-Not Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 12    Hunt Dates: Novemember 23 – December 23    Contact Person: Jasmine Princes    THEME: Christmas/Yule hunt for Furry/Anthro avatars
  15. Dear Santa (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 17    Hunt Dates: December 1 – 31    Contact Person: Isabelle Torok & Ripley Rozenberg    THEME: Christmas
  16. Disgruntled Elf Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 19    Hunt Dates: December 1 – January 1    Contact Person: Horr Amaterasu    THEME: Christmas
  17. Christmasfy Your Body Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 24    Hunt Dates: December 1 – 31    Contact Person: Mirandaaaaaa     THEME: Christmas
  18. The Advent Chase Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 24    Hunt Dates: December  1 – December 31    Contact Person: GardeniaEvents    THEME:  Set Your Imagination Free
  19. The Christmas Joy Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 24    Hunt Dates: December 1 – 30    Contact Person: JungUknow    THEME: Christmas and Winter accepting all kinds of stores except adult stores
  20. Winter Fest    App. Deadline: November 25    Event Dates: December 7 – December 31    Contact: Person: Isabelle Torok & Ripley Rozenberg     THEME: Winter time, Christmas, Hanakkah
  21. Holiday Advent-ure 2017 (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: November 27    Hunt Dates: December 1 – 31 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: We will consider anything that fits in with the general rules for this event. There is a place to describe your idea or occasion on the application form
  22. Depths of Winter Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: January 4    Hunt Dates: January 7 – 31 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: Do you embrace the ethereal beauty or hibernate in darkness until Spring is here?
  23. So Blue Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: February 4    Hunt Dates: February 7 – 28 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: This the hunt for those that have the winter blues, the ‘I’m so lonely’ blues or the I can’t stand Valentines Day blues
  24. Mad As A Hare Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: March 4    Hunt Dates: March 7 – 31    Contact Person:  Xzavia Yifu    THEME: This theme is based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass which is in the public domain and your interpretations on this theme are welcome.
  25. April Showers Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: April 4    Hunt Dates: April 7 – 30    Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: It’s raining it’s pouring, being stuck inside is boring! Getting cabin fever? Desperate to go outside but it’s raining, again? Let’s make the best of it by finding ways to have fun in wet and windy April
  26. May Flowers Hunt (grid-wide)    App. Deadline: May 4    Hunt Dates: May 7 – 31    Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu    THEME: Spring is in full bloom. Time to celebrate the warm and colorful days ahead


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