Past Hunts

13 Days of Halloween Advent

Halloween Hunt Name 13 Days of Halloween Advent Hunt Date October 19-October 31 Applications Deadline Date October 16 Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Taki Kujisawa Any Other Info This is a mini in-store event that involves a 0L – 1L item with a Halloween theme, on whichever of the 12 days you are […]

Silent Halloween Hunt 2019

Get ready for a new meaning to the world “HORROR” in SL Alessa was rather amused last year, watching you hobble your way through the thick fog, searching endlessly for Nurse Amy’s photographs. As a treat to all those greedy humans looking for free prizes, Alessa has prepared a brand new set photographs that you […]

Mischievous Mayhem’s Demons & Heathens

Demonic & Hedonistic (Theme gifts are optional) Hunt Name Mischievous Mayhem’s Demons & Heathens Hunt Date October 1st – 31st Applications Deadline Date September 25th Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Horr Amaterasu Any Other Info For Demons and those Heathens who love them! Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL […]

Horror Hunt

Horror Movies,Horror furnitures,Horror outfits(not only pumpkins please)   Hunt Name Horror Hunt Hunt Date October 1-31 Applications Deadline Date September 20 Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Nefeli Rickena Any Other Info Adult sims will be placed at the last position from the hunt Is a 1L Hunt Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt […]

“Tranquil Waters” Hunt

“Now that all the spring rain has dissipated, we are now in tranquil waters as in calmness for the season of summer. With that being said, we would like to invite you to take ride on our lovely summer blanket ride through our river of tranquil waters. If you search for paper boats along your […]

Dogs Days of Summer Hunt

♥ DOG DAYS OF SUMMER HUNT INFO ♥ Nothing like a sim-wide hunt to beat the the dog days of summer! 😀 The Dog Days of Summer Hunt is a sim-wide *adult* pet play themed hunt at A Town Called Short Leash. Hunt items will be hidden in all *public areas* of A Town Called […]

Mieville Flower Festival in support of Autism awareness

Flower Festival themed market and in sim hunt game, in support of Autism awareness. One-sim, multi-vendor market with a variety of items; in sim hunt, and events; Autism awareness information and guest speakers. Contact Perryn Peterson for market booths. Contact Miss Mattie Puss for information regarding Autism awareness program. Event sponsored by Mieville/Historical Events Ltd. […]