Past Hunts

On9 Anniversary Hunt

  On9 celebrates its first anniversary with a store hunt along with exclusive items that will be available for purchase through the duration of our monthly event. This month’s theme is Botanic Chic, and we’ve asked our designers to create a special gift that will be hidden in their main stores with the hint located […]

Kikai Spring Market

  Spring, Easter Hunt Name Kikai Spring Market Hunt Date March 7 – April 1 Applications Date still a few stalls available Organisers SL Name Stella Gravois Any Other Info Spring Market with 61 stalls, 48 shops and Easter Egg Hunt. Look for eggs on both Kikai Market Squares around the Egg Vendors and in […]

Autism Awareness Hunt 2016

  Autism Awareness Light It Up Blue! Hunt Name Autism Awareness 2016 Hunt Date April 1st – April 31st Applications Date March 2nd – March 12th Organisers SL Name Freyablake Resident Any Other Info Apply Here: Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt SLurl to starting location

Mad March Hare Hunt

  Find the Mad March Hares hidden in around the Moonstar Store. Hunt Name Mad March Hare Hunt Hunt Date 1st – 31st March Applications Date Organisers SL Name Vamilia Vella Any Other Info Type of Hunt Sim Hunt SLurl to starting location

Emoji Pillow Hunt

Emoji Pillow Hunt

  16 Emoji Pillows Hunt Name Emoji Pillow Hunt Hunt Date January 15 – January 24 2016 Applications Date Organisers SL Name Raindrop Lowbeam Any Other Info This is a FULL PERM MESH hunt! There are 16 Emoji Pillows to find! Each one is 25L For those people who do not like to hunt but […]

The Alchemy Event

      Every Month we have a different Theme for the creators to work with! Hunt Name The Alchemy Event Hunt Date 1st – 20th each month Applications Date Anytime Organisers SL Name Apolonia Anatine Any Other Info Hi there, The Alchemy is a well established monthly event (previously the Fantasy Room) showcasing your […]

January Weekend Sales Hunt

  January warmth Hunt Name January weekend sales Hunt Date 15th – 17th January Fri-Sun Applications Date 5th – 7th January Organisers SL Name WeekendHunters Resident Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt SLurl to starting location  


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