Hunt Resource Centre

Ever thought it would be a good idea to have all the hunt boards in one place?

Somewhere that hunters can come & see what’s happening at the moment…..

Somewhere that designers can come & see future hunts to apply for……

Yeah, so did we!…. So here it is,

The Hunts & Hunters Resource Centre

Click here to teleport –> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/72/136/25

If you are a hunt organiser & want your hunt board displayed please send it to Angelfire Teebrook

*The Resource Center reserves the right not to display hunt boards sent at their own discression*

12 comments on “Hunt Resource Centre

  1. I really like the new look of the blog, very slick. i say congrats on it. One thing I miss though is a clear calendar of which hunts are currently on and which are upcoming and so forth. am I just overlooking a link? In the categories on the right there’s one that says hunts taking place now, but they are from April. The calendar at the bottom of the post only records the blog entries. I will visit your inworld store, maybe I’ll see something there. At any rate, i am so glad you have this blog.. thanks:)

    • Hiyah leigheel…

      I agree, your completely right, I didn’t see it though as I dont “use” the blog.. if you know what i mean!

      I will do some work on cleaning it up & making navigation easier somehow… watch this space

      Thanks for the feedback :-)

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  3. Hello i would like to ask something, is there a way to see the hunts by the month? as i see it now it is very confusing to see them all even those that are over but in between it has those that are still on.
    is it possible to see the October hunts or the November hunts only?

  4. I need to find out who to contact about my hunt – The Twilight Saga Hunt 2 that is in november. I am going to postpone the hunt til March 16th, 2013 and wanted the hunt info on this site to be updated, please.

  5. (kalliopi ziplon) Hello and sorry for taking your free time , when we submit a hunt how do we know you got it?you replay to us? because s o many bugs can happen online or from our pc
    Thanks for taking the time to read me have an amazing day :)

  6. That lm helped me a ton! Thanks for doing it!

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