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happyFALL Harambee Hunt + Charity Market

The “happyFall Harambee Hunt” takes part in the “happyFall Harambee Charity Market”, a great get together of gifted designers, showing Fashion, Home and Garden products and items Full Perms. This amazing Treasure Hunt offers many orange Gift Boxes for 1 linden), really special creations and a gift on every cart. Garden Art’s installations by Ciottolina Xue. This event support a great cause to help children of IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi Kenya schools! (https://iksdpnyandiwa.net)

Hunt Name happyFALL Harambee Hunt + Charity Market
Hunt Date October 1st 2019 / November 22nd 2019
Applications Deadline Date October 1st 2019
Where To Apply http://tiny.cc/s1qu7y
Organisers SL Name Loredana Loring
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Fair
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ImperialAr/101/125/12
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: Orange Gift box
Cost of Hunt 1
Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/280aac22-bfc6-5c61-ae06-1d560411468a/about
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Lone Oak Harbor – Halloween Hunt

Lone Oak Harbor was a once thriving island, but fell into disarray after the hunger began, as well as the experiments on it’s once vibrant population. It has now become a veritable wasteland of the worst that humanity can offer, with only minimal life remaining and in its worst forms. While some factions went underground or to remote parts of the land, very few survived, although nobody escaped. The land is filled with 40+ hidden treasures from nearly 30 different designers/builders, for those who attempt to traverse the island, with it’s town, mountain, treacherous paths, waterways and many caverns. It is highly recommended to keep your sound on for the full effect.

Hunt Name Lone Oak Harbor – Halloween Hunt
Hunt Date 10-1-2019 – 10-31-2019
Applications Deadline Date Deadline Closed
Where To Apply NA
Organisers SL Name Mike8774
Any Other Info 40+ Hunt Items from 25+ creators.
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LogginOffHomes/128/126/31
Marketplace Starting URL NA
Hunt Object: Treasure Chest
Cost of Hunt $1L (Only for hunt items, the event is free)
Hunt Group Not Required
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Peace On Earth Hunt 12

Peace, Winter, Holidays, Christmas, Angels, etc

Hunt Name Peace On Earth Hunt 12
Hunt Date December 1st-31st, 2019
Applications Deadline Date October 31st, 2019
Where To Apply https://forms.gle/KQDzHrpMWHqtgR5e7
Organisers SL Name PeaceOnEarthHunt Resident
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URL ((Please do not publish this until after applications close – starting store location has not been made public yet)) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chillium/188/119/4073
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: Globe
Cost of Hunt L$0
Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/5db92a9d-8188-08d0-45ba-4e2aa8c306fa/about
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Silent Halloween Hunt 2019

Get ready for a new meaning to the world “HORROR” in SL Alessa was rather amused last year, watching you hobble your way through the thick fog, searching endlessly for Nurse Amy’s photographs. As a treat to all those greedy humans looking for free prizes, Alessa has prepared a brand new set photographs that you so desperately crave! Come play with us in Silent Town! Created by fans for fans of the Silent Hill franchise! *special note* This hunt now requires the Grims Combat System HUD for your own protection against the evil that lurks in the otherworld, which is located at the entrance of this experience.

Hunt Name Silent Halloween Hunt 2019
Hunt Date September 1st thru November 1st
Applications Deadline Date N/A
Where To Apply N/A
Organisers SL Name shirotempest resident
Any Other Info This hunt is NOT for delicate flowers!
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Apocalypse/192/224/30
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: Twelve photographs!
Cost of Hunt FREE
Hunt Group The Silent Hill Experience
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Hide and Seek Hunt

From Sept 1st – Oct 15th you’ll find 15 BRAND NEW Release Texture Sets for just 10L each! You’re looking for a small black frame with the Hide & Seek Kitty on the front (check posters for example). Prize Pics & Hints will be provided on the Pounce Hunts blog in no particular order. All hunt objects will be labelled with 1 of 15, 2 of 15 etc so you’ll know which ones you’ve already found. Happy Hunting!

Hunt Name HIDE AND SEEK HUNT 3 a Timeless Textures 10L Store Hunt
Hunt Date Sept 1st – Oct 15th
Applications Deadline Date N/A
Where To Apply N/A
Organisers SL Name Xzavia Yifu
Any Other Info thank you!
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Razors%20Edge/248/221/3782
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: small black frame with the Hide & Seek Kitty on the front
Cost of Hunt 10L
Hunt Group not required
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DLS – Dirty Little Secrets 10 Hunt

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Fall Into Fun

Autumn! Fall, leaves, pumpkins, sweaters, etc.

Hunt Name Fall Into Fun
Hunt Date September 15 – October 15
Applications Deadline Date September 10th
Where To Apply https://forms.gle/WH59d6uNa8pzdp9H9
Organisers SL Name Violet Steamweaver
Any Other Info This is a hunt for KIDS and their families. Only shops catering to children and families will be considered.
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CloverCove/161/41/21
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: TBA
Cost of Hunt 0L
Hunt Group *~Sparkles & Giggles Hunts~*


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