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World Tour 2016

World Tour 2016 0301-0331


culturally influenced from the continent you choose to represent.

Hunt Name World Tour 2016
Hunt Date March 1 – March 31
Applications Date Feb 24
Organisers SL Name Spooky Mistwallow
Any Other Info Mandatory male and female or unisex gifts Hunters pay 1L per item. Merchants keep money Organizer has 7 years experience Hunt items and signs are networked and scripted to Apply: http://kastlerockhunts.blogspot.com/ Blog: http://kastlerockhunts.blogspot.com/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GrandIsle/82/102/23
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Cupid’s Carnival Hunt

Cupid's Carnival Hunt 0201-0215


Look for Cupid’s heart in the shops on both squares. A flag is out for each place that has a hidden heart. Many unique gifts have been made especially for this hunt. Some places have more than one hidden heart. (Approximately 30 gifts total) While here enjoy the scenery and take a horse ride around both squares which is a good way to spy the flags as well.

Hunt Name Cupid’s Carnival Hunt
Hunt Date Feb 1 till Feb 14 2016
Applications Date N/A
Organisers SL Name Stella Gravois
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kikai/174/112/601
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Medieval Fantasy XV

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV 0401-0430


Medieval Fantasy around the healing alchemists. Choose your path – Blessing or Curse

Hunt Name MFH XV ” The Healing Alchemist – Blessing and Curse “
Hunt Date 01.04.2016 – 30.04.2016
Applications Date Ends on 15th of March
Organisers SL Name Sweetgwendoline Bailey, Eldowin Inshan
Any Other Info Please stay in theme
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rockin/118/131/24
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Lovers Hunt


Lovers Hunt 0201-0215

Let’s be in love for your home!!! NEW Chez Moi will make you fall in love for decor. Just come to our store and search for little hearts. Your home will be more lovely HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Hunt Name Lovers Hunt
Hunt Date from 1st to 15th February
Applications Date 1st february
Organisers SL Name PaulaNanda Forder or Nanda Marjeta
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WideWorldObjective/176/60/23
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Valentine’s Day Hunt 0201-0221

Valentine's Day Hunt 0201-0221


Valentine’s Day Hunt ============== Come Join us Feb 1st -21st @ Pet Shop Petite zoo Grab a Balloon Bunch then Find 9 Different colored heart Balloons hidden in the zoo to collect some sweet Valentine’s Gifts!!! PLACE: Pet Shop Petite Zoo TIME: Feb 1st -Feb 21st PRICE: Free to enter, Just grab Balloon Bunch to hunt

Hunt Name Valentine’s Day Hunt
Hunt Date Feb 1st -21st
Applications Date
Organisers SL Name Ginaass Resident – GinoAss Resident
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aydat/231/205/4071
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Poppin’ Penguin Hunt: Mad March


Lucky, Green, St. Patricks, Money, Beer, Adult Things on St. Patricks Day, Whatever into the theme! :D

Hunt Name Poppin’ Penguin Hunt: Mad March
Hunt Date March 1st – 31st.
Applications Date Last Day Febraury 22nd.
Organisers SL Name Saiilynn Resident
Any Other Info http://pphmadmarch.blogspot.com/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location N/A
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Your creativity and the Easter day!

Hunt Date March 5 – 29
Applications Date February, 25
Organisers SL Name Cheryne Jewell
Any Other Info Cost: 1 linden Group is required 10 sponsor + 20 store Info & Application on Blog: https://missjewellevents.wordpress.com/happy-easter-day-hunt/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maekju/248/170/22

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