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Lane Queens & Kings {2L$ Bowling Hunt}

SCH Lane Queens & Kings Hunt Ad{05-19-15}


Bowling Uniforms, Bowling Themed Jewelry, Bowling Alley Furniture, Fun Bowling Poses, ect. Have Fun With It! All types of artists will be accepted! {Male & Female items are encouraged} but you can create for one or the other.

Hunt Name Lane Queens & Kings {2L$ Bowling Hunt}
Hunt Date July 6th-July 19th 2015
Applications Date June 26th, 2015
Organisers SL Name Ezmerelda Optera
Any Other Info Hunters will be searching for a Bowling Pin!
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/IsleofMiracles/101/63/22


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Sahara Summer Grid Wide Hunt


Ride across the Sahara desert while following the foot prints of the great Pharaoh’s, Kings, and Queens on their quest from our Sim Sacred Cauldron looking for the Pyramids of Egypt. While on their journey they will find other stops along the way to bu good from vendors and stores. Each Pyramid that they find they end up purchasing them at $1 Linden each. Follow the Landmarks, SLURLS, and you can also find Hunt hunts from some of the vendors along the way. Press the sign for more information and a notecard with information about the hunt Happy Hunting

Hunt Name Sahara Summer Grid Wide Hunt
Hunt Date June 1, 2015 to June 21, 2015
Applications Date May 30, 2015
Organisers SL Name Kara Foxdale
Any Other Info  http://sacredcauldronhunts.wordpress.com
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SacredCauldron/206/221/30


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Star Search Hunt

Star Search Hunt


Hunt Name Star Search Hunt
Hunt Date 6/5 – 6/21
Applications Date
Organisers SL Name VenusVesuvius
Any Other Info Two parcels, multiple shops, and no hints! Find the pink stars, get fabulous goodies for just 10L$ each. Retail and full perm designers are participating, and there will be at least one prize in each store displaying a hunt poster. Some stores might have multiple prizes, and there might even be extra prizes hidden around the sim, so keep your eyes peeled! Prizes are only 10L$ each. Just keep reaching for the (pink) stars!
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/IsleofCreation/226/115/22
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Romancing the Stone Hunt

romancing the stone


Hunt Name Romancing the Stone Hunt
Hunt Date 5/22 – 6/22
Applications Date
Organisers SL Name Willa Grantham
Any Other Info Find 10 gems hidden around the store, 10L each
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SandsdAlliez/92/172/2492
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Hunt Update!

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.



Romancing the Stone Hunt
Doll Up Hunt

HUNTS ENDING 5/24 – 5/31

How You Like My Whimsy? Hunt
Oh Dinosaur Hunt
Doo-wops & Sock Hop Hunt

Maleficent Love Event & Hunt

Just Green Hunt
Gingham Hunt
The Missing Marbles Hunt
Spring Breedables Hunt

American Horror Story Hunt
TextureMania Hunt 6
Let’s Have a Make Over Hunt
Hunt for Treasure
Keep It Clean Hunt
Get Lei’d Hunt
The Birds & The Bees Hunt
Mix It Up Hunt
Screw It Hunt
Return of the Killer Hunt Gifts Hunt
Mother’s Day hunt
For Him Event & Hunt

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Music Hunt

SLHunts-music hunt logo


All about music

Hunt Name Music Hunt
Hunt Date June 1-30
Applications Date May 20
Organisers SL Name Nefeli Rickena
Any Other Info is a 1L$ Hunt,applications online http://nefelievents.blogspot.it/ or inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chamotte/103/225/21
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chamotte/103/225/21
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Cats Hunt

SLHunts-cats hunt


All about Cats,kittens(Not general felines)

Hunt Name Cats Hunt
Hunt Date 7/1 – 7/31
Applications Date
Organisers SL Name Nefeli Rickena
Any Other Info 1L Hunt Blog: http://nefelievents.blogspot.it/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chamotte/103/222/21



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