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Hutspot Valentine Hunt

Valentine Hunt This year we have a simwide hunt at Icewater Village. Date: feb 1st – 28th. Find the 5 hidden red hearts hidden around the frozen lake. (hints will be available at the Hutspot shop) Hunt price 0L Hunt Name Hutspot Valentine Hunt Hunt/Event Dates feb 1st – 28th Applications Deadline Date no applications […]

Botanica’s Year of the Tiger Hunt.

2022 is the year of the Tiger! One Quarter of the people on Earth celebrate the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year/Spring Festival) which begins of February 1. This 12 stop educational one sim hunt explains some of the traditions and history of this Asian 15 day holiday which is now celebrated in cities the […]

New Beginnings Hunt

| “A new year means new beginnings, new adventures and new self growth. Definitely a reason to be grateful. As we start this new year let’s be open to new possibilities to make our dreams come true and blossom. A powerful way to believe in yourself and grow into the beautiful person you’re meant to […]

A Song of Hope

A Song of Hope will be Harshlands Holiday Season big event, with its traditional, signature prize hunt! There will be 10 prizes well hidden (although I might be a bit more kind than the previous hunt) in Harshlands store region Dragonstone. To claim the prize you simply have to find and click it. One important […]

[M] “Santa’s Scavenger!” Hunt

| “It’s a wonderful & festive time of the year. We love this time of year the most. We see even more visitors this time of year, there’s joy in the air & glitter everywhere. The snow is falling, people caroling & gift giving. We have dug deep into our Christmas vault to bring out […]

Christmas Hunt at the World Fair

Peace Haven Communities proudly presents CHRISTMAS AT THE WORLD FAIR! Christmas Hunt Going on NOW! Hunt for 12 red Christmas bulbs for 12 gifts. Enjoy a full sim that includes a Santa’s Work Shop, Ice Skating, Bumper cars, Freak Show, Water Slide, Christmas Carousel and so much more! Dance in the big top with Santa […]

PARTICLE MAGIC December Gift Search

Christmas. Find the hidden Santas to recieve the gifts. Hunt Name PARTICLE MAGIC December Gift Search Hunt/Event Dates 1.12.21 – 31.12.21 Applications Deadline Date 31.12.31 Where To Apply PARTICLE MAGIC Website https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012825075375 Organisers SL Name Roxy Particles (xxahfoxyroxyxx) Any Other Info  Free but group membership required  …  Come find the Santas in our Mega December […]

Botanica’s Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a favorite Christmas Carol, but what is the meaning of all those gifts? Botanica’s 12 Days of Christmas Hunt will not only answer those questions but gives a gift to help you remember each day. Enjoy wandering Botanica’s winter wonderland and collect all 12 prizes to win a Grand […]

Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s the one day in the year when Americans who can’t agree on anything will sit down together and agree on what to have for dinner. Enjoy a holiday feast and learn about the Thanksgiving traditions that bring together family and friends in the spirit of gratitude at Botanica’s Café Americana. This is an educational […]

Crazy Turkey! Hunt

| “Oh My Gosh! Our turkeys from our farm have escaped and have went crazy! They are not wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving with us and have went on strike. They are everywhere! They are not acting like themselves. The stores have been overrun by turkeys trying to find a way out of here. Please do […]

Harmony Hunts

Welcome Winter! Hunt Name Harmony Hunts Hunt/Event Dates 15-30 November Applications Deadline Date 30 November Where To Apply http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AmazingCoralEstate/139/93/999 Website https://harmonyhuntssl.wixsite.com/secondlife Organisers SL Name uwukawaiistore resident Any Other Info Harmony Hunts is a monthly multi sim hunt. Many designers create beautiful items for you to have fun at just 10L. The hunting articles are of […]

HIDE AND SEEK HUNT 5 a Timeless Textures 10L Store Hunt

From Oct 15th – Nov 30th you’ll find 15 BRAND NEW Timeless Texture Sets for just 10L each! You’re looking for a small black frame with the You Found Me Kitty on the front. Hunt Name HIDE AND SEEK HUNT 5 a Timeless Textures 10L Store Hunt Hunt/Event Dates Oct 15th – 30th Applications Deadline […]

– LEIGH – Halloween Hauntings Hunt

Halloween Hunt Name – LEIGH – Halloween Hauntings Hunt Hunt/Event Dates October 16 – November 1, 2021 Applications Deadline Date N/A Where To Apply N/A Website https://leighfashion.wordpress.com/2021/10/15/leigh-halloween-hauntings-hunt/ Organisers SL Name ChrystaLeigh Resident Any Other Info LEIGH proudly presents the Halloween Hauntings Hunt, running October 16 – November 1, 2021. Starting in the Mainstore, this hunt […]

Haunted World Fair

Peace Haven Communities proudly presents WORLD FAIR HAUNTED!! Halloween Hunt Going on NOW! Hunt for 13 purple pumpkins for 13 gifts. Enjoy a full sim that includes a Haunted House, Freak Show, Haunted Maze, Ghoul Band. Dance in the Haunted big top with monsters of your nightmares! Hunt Name Haunted World Fair Hunt/Event Dates October […]

Hinterland Pumpkin Hunt

Hinterland presents it’s annual Pumpkin Hunt thoughout this gay man’s lifestyle sim. Twelve prizes to be collected ~(donated by sim merchants and friends, including Cubura, OPA, Marco Moda, USC Textures and others) plus a special Grand Prize if you find all the hidden pumpkins! Hunt Name Hinterland Pumpkin Hunt Hunt/Event Dates 25th-31st October Applications Deadline […]

Harvest Hunt

Halloween is finally upon us with the arrival of October. As every year Harshlands hosts its own traditional hunt. 10 exclusive Halloween prizes, specifically crafter for the event, are ready to be found! Hunt Name Harvest Season Hunt/Event Dates 02 Oct – 02 Nov Applications Deadline Date 02 October Where To Apply http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dragonstone/147/105/21 Website https://harshlandsstore.blogspot.com/2021/10/harvest-season-traditional-halloween.html […]

Brittney’s Breedables Halloween Haunt & Hunt 2021

The circus is in town but watch out, it’s not the circus of your youth. Brave the creepy killer clowns and circus animals, don’t become another corpse at the Psycho Circus. Navigate the misty swamp but watch out for spiders and snakes and gators Oh My! Be careful if you swim, some poor souls have […]

Spooky Pumpkin Halloween’ Hunt

| “Welcome to the forest of darkness. Where the fog blinds you and the sounds ignite you into a flame of terrified-ness. As the wind blows and the branches of the trees crackle, you find yourself succumbed to this environment. You try to think about leaving but your soul doesn’t let you. As you explore […]

Zombie Apocalypse! A Special Zombie Town Experience

Halloween Hunt Name Zombie Apocalypse! A Special Zombie Town Experience Hunt/Event Dates 17th October – 1st November 2021 Applications Deadline Date 8th October 2021 Where To Apply https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf_kTWT-zlgMU1QtgycelI8Wq4hgGJeDeE8YS1LtxDG0tamWw/viewform?usp=sf_link Website https://cheekymonkeyhuntsandwoweventroom.blogspot.com Organisers SL Name Mandilena Loxely Any Other Info Type of Hunt Sim Hunt In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HeavenCove/171/211/3270 Marketplace Starting URL Hunt Object: Pumpkin Cost of […]

Haunted Nightmare

Halloween/Fall Hunt Name Haunted Nightmare Hunt/Event Dates October 1, 2021 through October 31, 2021 Applications Deadline Date September 24, 2021 Where To Apply https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO-4BWCLmsTwkhDW8Eiftsmu52uwEuk0OcARpXpRtTGLmYIw/viewform Website https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO-4BWCLmsTwkhDW8Eiftsmu52uwEuk0OcARpXpRtTGLmYIw/viewform Organisers SL Name Certified Lunasea or Arella Ohmai Any Other Info Wander around through haunted woods, scary caves, and a creepy mansion all while looking for pumpkins. This is […]