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“Back To School” Hunt

It’s that time of year again. Summer unfortunately is almost over & most are thinking of their education. Going back to school & striving for knowledge & success. Whether it’s a local community college or a big university, you’re on your way to becoming an amazing talented person. Never give up! Keep striving for a […]

Summer In Bloom Hunt

“Summer is definitely here. The fullness of the breeze passing by while you’re walking on the beach thinking of all you have to grateful for. Embracing the summer sun as it shines on you giving you that burst of positivity and warmth. The flowers have bloomed and the birds are singing from the trees. What […]

Sparkling Summer Night Hunt 2

Half Sim with 3 Main Stores (Ever Green, Dreamscape Art Gallery and Tyler’s Treasures) and several smaller stores have come together to offer a summer themed hunt for your home and garden! Hunt Name Sparkling Summer Night Hunt 2 Hunt Date 7-01-20 to 7-30-20 Applications Deadline Date N/A Where To Apply N/A Organisers SL Name […]

Catepillar Hunt

..everything that grows in the light of the sun, summer, energy, warm colors, wild nature.Stops 30 – Sponsor 14 which have the first hunting Stops and space on our website. All fees and all donated amounts are a fundraiser for the IKSDP-Harambee project Gwassi Kenya schools (RL non profit association) Hunt Name Caterpillar Hunt Hunt […]

Summer Lovin Hunt 4

SUMMER TIME! Anything goes! Hunt Name Summer Lovin Hunt 4 Hunt Date June 2-30 Applications Deadline Date May 15th Where To Apply https://findandkeephunts.wixsite.com/finderskeepershunts Organisers SL Name Cajuntease Any Other Info Celebrating the summer. Designers are allowed to put any kind that has to do with summer, sun and having a good time. Type of Hunt […]

Celtic Celebration 4

Celebrating Fall Solstice Hunt Name Celtic Celebration 4 Hunt Date July 1-29 Applications Deadline Date June 15th Where To Apply https://findandkeephunts.wixsite.com/finderskeepershunts Organisers SL Name Cajuntease Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20North%20Rend/210/69/22 Marketplace Starting URL Hunt Object: Triquetra Cost of Hunt 1L Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/b894ee45-530b-f73a-02fb-ec255ee42e3b/about

Back To School Hunt 4

It is back to school for our little ones. Let us help them show up in style! Hunt Name Back To School Hunt 4 Hunt Date August 1-31 Applications Deadline Date July 15th Where To Apply https://findandkeephunts.wixsite.com/finderskeepershunts Organisers SL Name Cajuntease Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SerenaNorthRend/210/69/22 Marketplace […]

The Beached Bunny Hunt 10

The Beached Bunny has gotten himself into a real mess. His fat behind is wedged in the sand and he can’t get out! To help him escape his sandy trap, and prevent a bad sunburn, collect all of the sand buckets and help dig him out! Don’t delay, the bunny is burning so get out […]

May Hunt

Free theme ,anything goes Hunt Name May Hunt Hunt Date May 1-31 Applications Deadline Date April 20 Where To Apply http://nefelievents.blogspot.it/ Organisers SL Name Nefeli Rickena Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chamotte/107/236/22 Marketplace Starting URL Hunt Object: A blue butterfly Cost of Hunt 1 Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/c1f415cc-b239-750d-8ebd-45a42aff4b0

Battle of the Sexes

The test of time is always men versus women. Lets change it up! This hunt you can make anything you want, but you have to make 2 items! One for male, one for female, or 2 unisex items Hunt Name Batttle of the Sexes Hunt Date May 1-31st Applications Deadline Date April 23 Where To […]

Flower’s Time Hunt

flowers, plants and flowering meadows, colors, happiness, rebirth Hunt Name Flower’s Time Hunt Hunt Date May 1st / May 31st Applications Deadline Date April 29th Where To Apply https://harambeehunts.blogspot.com/p/flowers-time-hunt-app.html Organisers SL Name Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, VitaVita resident Any Other Info Treasure hunt dedicated to the brightest and sweetest month! 14 Sponsors (they have the […]

Women Only Hunt 6 – Chase the Sun

Women Only Hunt Bringing you fun, fashion and freebies. Flair For Events is excited to announce the return of Women Only Hunt! Visit main stores of your favourite designer across the grid and search for the hidden gift inside. Bringing a touch of fun to your secondlife, this grid wide hunt is a fabulous way […]

Beautiful May Flowers Hunt

All about flowers: outfit, jewells & tattoo (female only) Hunt Name Beautiful May Flowers Hunt Hunt Date May 1 – 31 Applications Deadline Date none Where To Apply none Organisers SL Name Ellenico Eternal Any Other Info More info on blog: https://missjewellevents.wordpress.com/beautiful-may-flower-hunt/ Type of Hunt Sim Hunt In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Donggyeo/249/202/23 Marketplace Starting URL none […]

MAY-Bee Honey! HUNT

| “The Bees are buzzing and so is the honey making. May-bee all the bees are so happy about the season they are in nonstop mode to make as much honey as possible. They have gotten confused in the process they are not sure if they filled enough honey pots. We need your help in […]

BBB Community Spring Quest

Dragon’s and Kitsunes themed. Hunt Name BBB Community Spring Quest Hunt Date April 11- April 26 Applications Deadline Date March 27, 2020 Where To Apply Contact haawwkeye inworld or stop by and click the sign at the main sim for info. Organisers SL Name haawwkeye Any Other Info This is a BattleBeast breedable hunt. To […]

World Tour 2020

culturally themed by continent Hunt Name World Tour 2020 Hunt Date March 21 – April 21, 2020 Applications Deadline Date March 16 Where To Apply http://kastlerockevents.blogspot.com/p/info-app.html Organisers SL Name Spooky Mistwallow Any Other Info We started this hunt in 2014 so here’s to half a decade of celebrating world culture and travel. This hunt has […]

Down the Rabbit Hole Hunt

As you fall down the rabbit hole, things are getting curiouser and curiouser all around you! What are you going to see as you fall? Or perhaps, when you get to the bottom? Let your imagination flow freely. Hunt Name Down the Rabbit Hole Hunt Hunt Date April 1-30th Applications Deadline Date March 24nd Where […]

Evil Bunny Hunt 10

The evil bunny is back for the 10th year and has been very busy spreading chaos, stealing eggs and being, well, evil. Follow his devious trail of nice and evil eggs but beware of that carrot, is it ink or blood, we don’t know as he’s very tricky and quick. That fluffy tail isn’t as […]

Surprise Hunt

Any surprise, what makes you happy and enthusiastic, referred to you, friends, the environment. Feel free to surprise us! (example: holidays, seasons, colours etc.) Hunt Name Surprise Hunt Hunt Date April 1st / 30th Applications Deadline Date March 30th Where To Apply http://bit.ly/39jn59g Organisers SL Name Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, VitaVita resident Any Other Info […]

– LEIGH – Lucky Glam Hunt

Stylish Saint Patrick’s Day or any day! Hunt Name – LEIGH – Lucky Glam Hunt Hunt Date March 4 – 31, 2020 Applications Deadline Date n/a Where To Apply n/a Organisers SL Name ChrystaLeigh Resident Any Other Info LEIGH Mainstore proudly presents the Lucky Glam Hunt, running March 4 – 31, 2020. Come visit the […]