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Journey To The Safari Hunt

THE THEME: Time to go on a safari journey! What are you gonna see? Or if you had these theme near you, what you would have nearby? This can be home and decor, clothing, textures, animations..the sky is the limit! This is a 2L hunt. Hunt Name Journey to the Safari Hunt Hunt Date February […]

The Love Hunt

Anything goes Hunt Name The Love Hunt Hunt Date Feb 20th – March 20th Applications Date Feb 15th Where To Apply http://toxichunts.wix.com/theloveofhunts Organisers SL Name Orgasma Dimsum Or ToxicHunts Resident Any Other Info L$1  ..  Application online at http://toxichunts.wix.com/theloveofhunts marketplace is welcome too Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt SLurl to marketplace and/or in-world starting […]

Mischievous Mayhem’s Cupid’s Conspiracy Hunt

As Cupid entered manhood he fell in love with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Cupid being Roman, was brought in front of the Capitoline Triad who forbid Cupid from having any form of contact with the sultry Aphrodite. The loss of Aphrodite’s companionship broke Cupid’s heart and he soon became distraught. Then one day Cupid decide […]

Romancify Your Body Hunt

Theme will be set for Romance/Valentines day so anything that resembles either of those will fit. Hunt Name Romancify Your Body Hunt Hunt Date February 1st – 28th Applications Date And Where To Apply Now thru January 26th – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wfiYksEnVX5qoQ5VPUGf4lTjSN-0K_7Rg8_mgDYUHKk Organisers SL Name Miranda Sparks (mirandaaaaaa) Any Other Info As always this hunt is mainly […]

So Blue Hunt

Sometimes when the winter has been long and dark and everyone but you seems to have found their special someone, the world can seem lonely and so blue. This the hunt for those that have the winter blues, the ‘I’m so lonely’ blues or the I can’t stand Valentines Day blues! The hunt object is […]