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The Kiss Of The Valentine



Any and all around Valentines.

Hunt Name The Kiss Of The Valentine
Hunt Date February 1-21,2017
Applications Date January 1-19,2017
Organisers SL Name Reign Congrejo
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location To Be Determined
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2nd Annual Suck It, Cupid! Hunt/Event



Anti-Cupid fun. Online application/merchant requirements here: http://xtreme-designs.us/Suckit/

Hunt Name 2nd Annual Suck It, Cupid! Hunt/Event
Hunt Date February 1-17th
Applications Date Deadline January 20th
Organisers SL Name Shadowed Luik and Lucian Mixemup
Any Other Info The hunt runs from Feb 1st to 17th and ends with a Masked Ball wrap party the evening of the 17th, complete with DJs, games and prizes at the Xtreme Designs party pavilion.
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Excellsior/74/61/1500
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Sweeny Vanentine



Feb. brings thoughts of love and flowers and sweetness. But ya know what? Let’s have ourselves something bloodier! A Sweeny Vanlentine! This will not be a maze, but a bit of a recreation of the neighborhood from Sweeny Todd and will have areas to hide the presents in. As well as things to explore and just enjoy and hang out if people want. Also, if folks are interested there are stalls to place extras that may want to sell, like the street vendor carts. If interested please send a note card with your sl name and store name by Jan 25th. Also, please, no child items or avi’s as this is an Adult sim. All packages and group tags will be sent on the 26th. This will run from Feb 1st through Feb 28th

Hunt Name Sweeny Valentine
Hunt Date Feb 1st-28th
Applications Date till Jan 25th
Organisers SL Name xxsyrenxx reeident
Any Other Info This will all be on one sim in a area created in the air. There will be a tp at landing spot to take people to it for a more immersive experience to explore and hunt.
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GELRespect/182/198/28
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Amorous Affliction Hunt – Love Bites 2



Vampires, Bondage, RLV – this hunt is for adults only. There will be no exceptions made due to the explicit content/theme.

Hunt Name Amorous Affliction Hunt – Love Bites 2
Hunt Date 1 – 28 February 2017
Applications Date January 1st – January 21st
Organisers SL Name Krista Darbyshire
Any Other Info $1L Hunt Apply Here: https://purplepuffinproductions.wordpress.com/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vetiver/65/160/2013
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::cute as f*ck:: Fresh Start In Store Event



This is a week long in-store give away! A new year means a fresh start and ::cute as f*ck:: is starting 2017 with a FREE Giveaway. These framed art pieces are 100% original mesh and feature motivational hand-drawn ::cute as f*ck:: art. Click the ::free as f*ck:: sign at the Main Store every 6 hours to win a random prize from this collection. This event runs from 1/1 to 1/7. Happy New Year! ❤

Hunt Name ::cute as f*ck:: Fresh Start In Store Event
Hunt Date 1/1/17 to 1/7/17
Applications Date n/a
Organisers SL Name coquettegirl resident
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WhiteBayCay/112/67/21
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Feyline FashionsAnnual New Years Hunt


This is the annual Hunt of Hunts! The prize for this hunt is every hunt and faire prize I made for every event Feyline Fashions was a part of in 2016. 32 prizes in all, most with male and female prizes included.

Hunt Name Feyline Fashions Annual New Years Hunt
Hunt Date Jan 1-31
Applications Date
Organisers SL Name FeydaAnn Ferryhill
Any Other Info This hunt is open to all. Hunt hints are available at the landing point.
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZebriaWyldwood/27/183/1208


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Into The Blue Hunt



All about Blue (sky, sea, color…)

Hunt Name Into the blue hunt
Hunt Date March 1 – 29
Applications Date February, 20
Organisers SL Name Cheryne Jewell
Any Other Info cost: 1 linden 20 sponsor + 50 store group is required More info on blog: https://missjewellevents.wordpress.com/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maekju/240/166/21
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