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Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase Hunt

Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase Hunt 0708-0717


Scattered throughout the Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase area are 12 hangers that contain 12 different gifts! There are 8 female gifts and 4 male gifts. Touch each hanger to get a prize. All objects are free.

Hunt Name Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase Hunt
Hunt Date 07/8/16 to 07/17/16
Applications Date n/a
Organisers SL Name Eleseren Brianna
Any Other Info https://windlightmagazine.com/summer-fashion-showcase/
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WaterHaven/94/138/2502
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LoveFest 2016: 5th Annual Lovecraft Festival

LoveFest 2016  5th Annual Lovecraft Festival 0813-0821


The 5th Annual Lovecraft Festival runs from August 13-21, celebrating H.P. Lovecraft’s 126th birthday, as always, with something exciting, entertaining, and unique for all. This year we welcome talented creators from the horror, vintage, fantasy, and other fields to apply. Our visitors will enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of our New England Coastal town, trying their luck at our Coastal Gacha Shack, or role-play opportunities while they hazard a visit to the disquieting Arkham Sanitorium. They will also experience a week of sim-wide events and entertainment, featuring SL’s best music and stage shows, most of which will take place aboard a vintage cruise ship of the 1920’s flapper era!

Hunt Name LoveFest 2016: 5th Annual Lovecraft Festival
Hunt Date 8/13-8/21/16
Applications Date 7/25/16
Organisers SL Name Elysiane Sapphire
Any Other Info (This is not a hunt but an annual event. ) Applications for bloggers & designers to be found here: https://lovefest.wordpress.com/ For any questions, please contact Elysiane Sapphire (Merchant Coordinator) inworld.
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location TBA
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Oh! Give Me a Gnome!

Oh! Give Me a Gnome! 0701-0717


Botanica is more than a store – it’s an adventure. To celebrate our move to the Merlin Gardens Sim there are 12 garden gnomes spread out throughout the whole homestead, in each of the boutiques and attractions on the teleporter system, standing in plain sight, waiting to give you some of our best home and garden accents.

Hunt Name Oh! Give Me a Gnome!
Hunt Date July 3 to July 17, 2016
Applications Date
Organisers SL Name Cara Cali
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MerlinGardens/199/46/24
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[TOH] Carnival Of Souls Hunt 2016

Carnival Of Souls 0801-0831


Theme: Creepy, abandoned carnival where the undead come out to play. Items That Fit This Theme: Bloody carnival costumes, rotting circus costumes, zombie clowns, vampire clowns, skeleton clowns, any undead circus performer avatars, skeleton carousel horses, zombie carousel horses, nightmare carousel horses, zombie carnival animals, nightmarish carnival animals. derelict carnival rides, broken bumper cars, broken carnival games, sideshow freaks, rotting carnival buildings, creepy fun house, torn and bloody circus tent, etc. Use your imagination and have some fun! NO Children’s Stores

Hunt Name [TOH] Carnival Of Souls Hunt 2016
Hunt Date August 1 – 31 2016
Applications Date June 30th – July 20th
Organisers SL Name Krista Darbyshire
Any Other Info Application Available Online: https://purplepuffinproductions.wordpress.com/2016/06/11/toh-carnival-of-souls-hunt-2016/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vetiver/58/162/2013
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World Famous White Tigers 30 Gift + Treasure Hunt

White Tigers Treasure Hunt 0701-0731


YOUR HUNT INFO *Princess Akela came to this beautiful Island for a little R & R. White Tigers Islands offers everything from shopping and dancing, to fishing and cuddling. Some seem to believe that she was taken prisoner by a rogue Island tribe in order to sacrifice her to some Tiki God inside the Mountain. ** Your goal as the player is to locate the princess. and the 30 + Treasure Boxes

Hunt Name World Famous White Tigers 30 Gift + Treasure Hunt
Hunt Date July 1st – July 31st
Applications Date
Organisers SL Name Libertybelle Lyric (call me Libby)
Any Other Info **Each Clue to where the Princess has been will be put in local chat, preceding the gift it pertains to. EX The clue to Find Treasure Box #1 will be in Local chat near landing, The clue to find Treasure Box #2 will be in Local when you find Treasure Box #1, The Clue to find Treasure Box #3 will be in Local when you find Treasure Box #2… and so on…. In order to receive the clues, you must position yourself near the clue on one or more sides depending on the location of the Treasure Box you are near. The Princess will give you your T shirts. Both Male and Female. In July on the 27th and 29th there will be a show per day performed by JenzZa Misfit and her dance troupe Misfit Dance & Performance Art in their own theaters, that will benefit this island. She would appreciate it if you shared the info with friends and family. The INFO is in the NC
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WhiteTigersIsland/30/93/22
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Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories 0801-0820


anything from your child hood that you can remember

Hunt Name child hood memories
Hunt Date aug 1
Applications Date july 23
Organisers SL Name yoshiyakasoba
Any Other Info Even if your in a mall it does not matter you can create anything as long as its theme
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swanbridge/177/231/2001


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Shipwreck Hunt

Shipwrek Hunt 0721-0821

Shipwreck! Pirates, sea related things.

Hunt Name Shipwreck Hunt
Hunt Date 21 July to 21 August
Applications Date n/a
Organisers SL Name obake tokugawa
Any Other Info Help us celebrate Club Josephina’s 9th anniversary with a shipwreck inspired hunt! This is a free hunt and there are 21 shipwreck themed gifts to find!
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mondrian/91/232/55



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