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{.Gross Princess.} Closing Hunt

I am closing my in-world store and retiring many items permanently. Thirty 10L Balloons to find! 4 random items per balloon! Each have a 40L+ value! Most prizes will be permanently discontinued. Hunt Name {.Gross Princess.} Closing Hunt Hunt Date 5/14/19 to 6/11/19 Applications Deadline Date N/a Where To Apply N/a Organisers SL Name Victoria […]

“April Showers Blooms May Flowers” Hunt

“It’s been raining like cats & dogs here the last month. April definitely set a mark with all the showers. Now, it’s May! Time is flying by and the pollen has reached it’s stage of extreme. All I do is sneeze all the time. It’s well worth it when I was surprised with so many […]

Enchantment Presents: The Iron Throne Hunt

Winter is Coming . . . Come and traverse across the lands surrounding Westeros and find amazing treasures bestowed to you from The Iron Bank of Braavos, courtesy of Enchantments fantastic designers! Hunt Name Enchantment Presents: The Iron Throne Hunt Hunt Date May 11th to June 3rd Applications Deadline Date n/a Where To Apply n/a […]

Reverse Hunt 2

Patience. Hunt Name Reverse Hunt 2 Hunt Date 15 – 31 May 2019 Applications Deadline Date n/a Where To Apply n/a Organisers SL Name DominiqueYuuko Any Other Info The reverse hunt has reached its second edition. Like the previous one, works quite different from the other hunts we had before. There will be questions waiting […]

Perk Me Up Hunt

Perk me up is a caffeine driven, coffee theme or anything that would get you ‘going in the morning’ type prizes. Hunt Name Perk Me Up Hunt Hunt Date May 1 Applications Deadline Date April 15 Where To Apply message abynormal resident Organisers SL Name abynormal resident Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide […]

Red Shoe Diaries / Little Black Book 4 Hunt

Welcome to Red Shoe Diaries / Little Black Book 4 Hunt What secrets are in your diaries / Little Black Book? This theme is open to many ideas. It can fit many themes. Hunt is open to PG and Mature & Adult Sims.. Absolutely no children’s stores regardless of sim rating. This is mature/adult hunt […]

World Tour 2019

Each path is continent themed and the prizes will reflect countries and cultures located on/within that continent. Hunt Name World Tour 2019 Hunt Date April 21 – May 26, 2019 Applications Deadline Date April 16, 2019 Where To Apply https://kastlerockevents.blogspot.com/p/info-app.html Organisers SL Name Spooky Mistwallow Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World […]