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The Spooktacular October Hunt

The Spooktacular October Hunt


10/5 – 10/31
Kids Hunt
Organizer -Geek- Funeral (tyvon.scorpio)

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Hunt Update!

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.


Hunts Beginning 9/28 – 10/5

October is a busy month for hunts!  Join the group to stay updated and the hunts come in  – secondlife:///app/group/b6b362d7-5f12-be8a-58cf-5b0957733ed8/about

Beginning 9/29

Nightmares Hunt

Beginning 9/30

The Bling Hunt

Gridwide Beginning 10/1

For the Love of Fall Hunt
Fish a Boo Hunt
Don’t Fear the Reaper Hunt – blog
Dead Walking Hunt
Sinister Steampunk Hunt 4
Kinky Halloween Hunt 3
Heebie Jeebie Hunt
The 007 James Bond Hunt – blog
Happy Halloween Full Perm Hunt
Scary Halloween Hunt
Sugar Dust Hunt
Day of the Dead Hunt
Below the Belt Hunt
Scissor Happy Halloween Hunt
Hunt for the Cure – We’re in the Fight
Moolto Sisters Hunt
The Halloween Toddleedoo Hunt
Geekin’ Out Hunt
Samhain River Styx Hunt
Into the Darkness Hunt

Gridwide Beginning 10/4

IDWN Black Widow Hunt

Sim/Store  Beginning 10/1

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt
Escapade’s & Stitches Creations 4th Annual Pumpkin Hunt
Fall Wicked Things Hunt - location
Ghoul Fest Hunt
October hunt @ Psycho Clothes
Night of the Living Cart Sale & Mini Hunt
Sidewalk Sale & Hunt @ Give – location
Amo La Moda Halloween Hunt
Kikai Halloween Market Hunt

Sim/Store  Beginning 10/5

G-Spot Trick or Treat Hunt

Hunts Ending 9/28 – 10/5

Ending 9/28
Fairytale Hunt

Ending 9/30
Around the Grid Hunt 2
Get Spanked Hunt
Dance with me Grace Hunt
Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 – Time Warp
Mabon Harvest Hunt
Made in Holland Hunt
Paint My Nails Hunt
Last Leaf Hunt – location
Back to the Books Hunt
The Renaissance Hunt
Enhance My Avatar Hunt
Better Body Hunt
Moolto Sisters Hunt
Salty Seas Hunt
Spice Up Your Life Hunt
The Royalty Hunt
No White Clothes After Labor Day Hunt
80’s Kicks Hunt – blog
OMG Room Hunt 2
The Travel with the Gypsies Hunt
Roaring 20;s Treasure Hunt
Koala Hunt

Ending 10/3
Nerd Boobs Hunt - blog

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MadPea – Blood Letter

Blood Letters Poster


MadPea Productions Present

••••• Blood Letters •••••
November 1st – 30th

T h e S t o r y B e h i n d T h e H u n t:

The players will be opening the Case of “Mantis” who killed for pure sexual pleasure.
Samantha “The Mantis” Mason, is an internationally infamous serial killer due to her particularly gruesome hobby.
Seducing men and women alike, she lured them with the promise of fulfilling their lust, only to appease her own thirst
for blood with these hapless pleasure-seekers.

Society breathed a collective sigh of relief when, after 8 brutal murders she was finally apprehended and brought to justice.
However, a year after The Mantis was put behind bars murders have started occurring again, and the sadistic killer operates in a way that keeps everyone in fear.

The players will take on the role of a Private Detective and get prepared to solve a grisly series of shocking murders to test the boundaries where eroticism meets morality.

How does the hunt work?

This hunt will be different as it will be “progressive” The HUD will dispense a LM and a part of a story each day.
Each day the player clicks the Calendar HUD and gets a clue to a store that is playing a big part in the story.

The player can buy the HUD at any point of the month and go back to the previous clue.. but they can’t get further until it’s that day.

HUDS will be sold for 400L

For more information, please contact Tichelle Teebrook or Clicquot Oh.

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DI and Physco clothes Hunt



10/1 – 10/31
Sim/Store Hunt

DI and Physco clothes again have combained together for a Hunt !
this years hunt is Halloween ! yay!
My favorite time of the year im a bit weird lol
any ways there will be 12 items hidden here at the store . these items are exclusive so be sure to check out this hunt ! 6 items from P.c and 6 items from DI . the hunt will run from oct 1 till the 31st of oct :) the items can be from full outfits to furniture ! you will never know what you get :) happy hunting :) just look for little skulls !!




Organizer Thela Inniatzo

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Swarm of Decor Hunt



Swarm of Decor Hunt
9/19 – 11/2
App deadline 11/2 15 store max
5L hunt
Theme Autumn Decor – things for the home

Earth Nirvana
Owner of Earth’s
Founder of Be Hunted
MSABC Hunt Coordinator



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Rock Your Hunt 2

rock your hunt2 jpg


11/1 – 11/30
App deadline 10/20
1L hunt, all about music
Organizer Nefeli Rickena

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Dirty Little Secrets 5 Hunt



Dirty Little Secrets 5 Hunt
10/25 – 11/25
Adult/Mature hunt
1L hunt
App deadline 10/16
Organizers Lynn Pooley, Spooky Mistwallow, Jeykob Moyet


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