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Sunset Mist – In Bloom

Floral Theme Hunt Name Sunset Mist – In Bloom Hunt Date May 10-31 Applications Date April 25 Where To Apply https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/1PvSVu-KldOPWj55qQFVWXWnnJDu59IO06ye3Rtl05Ok/edit?usp=forms_home&ths=true Organisers SL Name SunsetMistTownSquare Any Other Info Type of Hunt Event SLurl to marketplace and/or in-world starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/IndianParadise/115/158/21 Advertisements

Lost & Found event and treasure hunt

Vintage Hunt Name Lost & Found event and treasure hunt Hunt Date 22nd-18th (monthly) Applications Date no deadlines Where To Apply https://goo.gl/forms/Rbq4Q4zifCXB5lr82 Organisers SL Name Trinity Yazimoto Any Other Info Type of Hunt Event SLurl to marketplace and/or in-world starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dance/39/144/22

Art Treasure Chest Hunt

Scattered throughout the Exhibition art area at the 3rd Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show, are 8 chests. Grab the free hud and find each of the chests and get 8 mesh prizes for your home! This hunt is 100% free to participate in. Hunt Name Art Treasure Chest Hunt Hunt Date April 6 to 14, […]

Art Palette Hunt

Mesh items Hunt Name Art Palette Hunt Hunt Date April 7 to 14, 2018 Applications Date n/a Where To Apply n/a Organisers SL Name Johannes1977 Resident Any Other Info Welcome to the 2018 Art Palette Hunt! This hunt is 100% FREE and you will receive 8 FREE prizes once you find all of the artist’s […]

Scorching Summer Cart Sale

It’s a summer cart sale. That being said there really is no theme. It’s a sale. Hunt Name Scorching Summer Cart Sale Hunt Date June 17th – 30th Applications Date Deadline June 5th Where To Apply http://sinoriginalhunts.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_1.html Organisers SL Name sinfullysaucy spiritor Any Other Info Pricing for carts are $100L for 10 prims, $150L for […]

SUNSET MIST – Spring Sale

Spring Hunt Name SUNSET MIST – Spring Sale Hunt Date April 10 Applications Date March 15, 2018 Where To Apply https://goo.gl/forms/LYwKMW94Kf9u1WTA3 Organisers SL Name SunsetMistTownSquare Any Other Info Sunset Mist Merchants will showcase an exclusive item(s) and mark their one selected item down to 50% off with a spring theme for the month of April. […]

The Wedding March Shopping Events

Each store must have at least one wedding themed item or an item in the color white/off-white or cream. This is a very open wedding themed event that allows any kind of themed wedding items (like beach weddings, goth weddings, etc). Hunt Name The Wedding March Shopping Event Hunt Date March 1st-31st, 2018 Applications Date […]