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Botanica’s 4th Annual Haunted Corn Maze Hunt



10/1 – 11/2
Sim Hunt
0L Hunt
Botanica’s Annual Interactive Trick or Treat Hunt
Organizer Cara Cali

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Ravensclaw 13 Pumpkin Hunt

Ravensclaw 13 Pumpkin Hunt


10/1 – 10/31
Sim Hunt
Touch the sign at landing for instructions


Organizer Isabella Peony

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Malice In Wonderland Hunt

Malice in Wonderland Hunt

Runs – 10/5 – 10/31
Store hunt
Blog – http://inwonderlandfullperm.blogspot.com/
Hunt Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WIKKED%20COVE/182/180/800

Organizer Alyxen

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Icarus October Hunt


Runs – 10/4 – 10/31
Sim Hunt
Each week, a different set of four prizes containing gifts valued between L$100 and L$2000 will be hidden in various spots around the grounds. A fifth prize will also be hidden, but here’s the twist: only the first hunter to discover it will receive that prize, and the reward is a choice of any single item in the shoppes of =IcaruS=.

Blog – http://www.icarusstudios.co.uk/news/
Organizers LeonTubrok Beaumont, iSkye Silverweb

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Hooter Hunt 2


Runs – 10/1 – 10/31
Sim Hunt
Search for 20 owls
2L each
Hints on blog
Hunt Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nympho/181/130/22
Blog – http://grumblesl.blogspot.com/2014/09/hunt-for-october-hooter-hunt-2-find-20.html
Every October we do a fundraiser for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation. Proceeds from the hunt will be donated to the fund.
Organizer Allie Munro

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Dirty Pillows Hunt 3

The Dirty Pillows Hunt 3! Poster


11/1 – 11/30
0L hunt, hunt object pillow
App deadline 10/15
25 – 30 stores

Hunt Theme: Bedroom wear! (Nightgowns, teddies, bra & panty sets, corsets, lingerie, pajamas, etc.) This is a hunt for Mesh Breasts! (Lolas, Vstrings, Sinful Needs) If your store does not sell breast applier fashion you will not be accepted into this hunt!! Of course you can include other appliers in your creation (mesh bottoms, or bodies) but this is not required. What is required is that you provide a breast applier for your creation.


Send a notecard to Issybella Quintessa to request further information

or come to the SLHunts Centre & click the board for an app – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/60/153/25

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Haunted Maze Hunt

Haunted Maze Sign


10/1 – 11/1
Sim Hunt
Join Shanti at our Haunted Maze Hunt! Brave your way through the haunted maze and all its creepy inhabitants and see if you can find ten hidden pumpkins with prizes, including exclusive Shanti Designs only available in the maze! Maze opens Oct 1 and remains open until Nov 1. Use the portal at the Shanti entrance to travel into the maze!


Organizer Arielle simondsen


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