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Escapade’s and Stitches Creations 4th Annual pumpkin Hunt

halloween hunt


Theme: 50 Halloween and fall themed hunt prizes on 1 sim!
Hunt Name: Escapade’s and Stitches Creations 4th Annual pumpkin Hunt
Hunt Date: October 1st through November 30th
Applications Date:
Organisers SL Name: Stitches Bade
Any Other Info:
Type of Hunt: Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bramptom%20Island/37/226/24

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Nightmare 2 Hunt

nightmare hunt 2


Nightmare 2 Hunt
10/21 – 11/20
App deadline 10/1
$0 L &/ or $25 L Hunt, female, male, Or Unisex
Organizer SinfullySaucy Spiritor
(Sin Original Hunts have started a new way of doing hunts. Hunts will now feature 2 hunt items. 1 hunt item will be priced at $0L and hidden in your store for those hunters that like to actually hunt for the item. The other will be priced at $25L and placed on your hunt sign for those that just want the quick and easy gift.)

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For the Love of Fall Hunt

For the Love of Fall Hunt Poster


10/1 – 10/30
App deadline 9/15

This hunt is all about the joys of Fall… Bonfires….pumpkin spice lattes…all the beautiful colors on the Trees… hoodies…Halloween. Anything that makes you happy about Fall!
Organizer Pebbles892 Resident



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Dance with me Grace Hunt



9/1 – 9/30
Store Hunt
Items 1 L each

NS2C Outlet new September Hunt

To celebrate the different Dance styles this 10 items Hunt will have from dresses and packs for the Ladies and outfits for the Guys with packs also…have fun Hunting and getting different looks for your Themed Party´s

Objects to Hunt – A dancer Lady Image ( Red for the Ladies / Blue For the Guys )



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Get Spanked Hunt



9/1 – 9/30
Grumble sim Hunt
Find 20 Rulers, 1L each
Hints on blog – http://grumblesl.blogspot.com/p/hooter-hunt-hints.html


Organizer Allie Munro

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Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 – Time Warp – HAS STARTED!



Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 
September 1 – 31

A grid-wide hunt featuring some of the most Twisted creators in SL!

The first Twisted Hunt was in March of 2009, the second was in September of the same year. Now the 12th Twisted Hunt is upon us!

We can’t wait to do it again, and we hope you can’t either! If you’re new to this whole Twisted Hunt business, we have some words of warning for you. And whether you’re new or not, it can’t hurt to peek in to the info for twisted hunters. ;)

Hunt Name – TWISTED HUNT FALL 2014

Organizers – Rox Arten, Sredni Eel & Lokii Violet

Date – September 1 – 31

Theme – Time Warp (for more info see the twisted hunt website

Website for all the info – http://twistedhunt.com/

START POINT – TWISTED HQ HERE -> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Secrets%20of%20Gaia/76/117/23

SLHunts is proud to fully support & promote the Twisted hunt :)

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Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.



Hunts Beginning 8/31 – 9/6

Beginning 9/1

Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 – Time Warp
Mabon Harvest Hunt
Made in Holland Hunt
Green Mire II Hunt
Paint My Nails Hunt
Last Leaf Hunt - location
Back to the Books Hunt
The Renaissance Hunt
Enhance My Avatar Hunt
Better Body Hunt
Moolto Sisters Hunt
Salty Seas Hunt
Spice Up Your Life Hunt
The Royalty Hunt
No White Clothes After Labor Day Hunt
80’s Kicks Hunt - blog
Hello Titty Hunt 4
American Bazaar birthday Hunt – blog
Inga Wind Mini Hunt
Virtual Ryukyu – 3rd Annual Shadow House Adventure Hunt

Beginning 9/3
Think Like a Rat Hunt

Beginning 9/5
OMG Room Hunt 2

Beginning 9/6
Fabulously Free in SL 7th Birthday Hunt


Hunts Ending 8/31 – 9/6

Ending 8/31
Creations Park – Summer Hunt – location
Magical Maze Hunt
Skull N Bones: The Pirate Hunt 4
The Dog Days of Summer Hunt
August Heatwave Hunt
Back2School 2
Depraved Nation The Blues Hunt
Compilation Hunt
Fairy Tale Hunt
The Big New Hunt
Femboy Hunt 5 The Zodiacs
Starships & Aliens Hunt
Journey of the Sea Hunt
Through the Jungle Hunt
Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt
TSG Hunt Sloth
Pirates vs Ninjas Hunt
Abundance First Harvest Hunt
Can’t Stop the Beat Hunt
The Third Anniversary Hunt
August Formal Hunt
The Do the Dot Hunt
Tree of Life Hunt

Ending 9/1
Summer Days Hunt

Ending 9/5
Wonderland Maze & Artifact Hunt



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