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Hunt Reporter!


Beginning January 2014

This is a perfect opportunity to bring a new vision into the SLHunts Community.

YOU will be featured on our blog!

Bringing honest opinions from the average hunter on SL!

For more information visit our in-world Hunt Centre and touch the Info Board

SLHunts Resource Centre


Reporter – Angelfire Teebrook

Name of Hunt – Cookie Jar Spring Festival Hunt  and Cart Sale

Hunt Date-  20th March – 10th April

List of Hunt Lms – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/37/103/25

Hunt Blog – https://thecookiejarcommunity.wordpress.com/spring-festival/

Cost – FREE

Hunt Pictures 

cjsf 1

Drafting Table Set, SiennaSpring Cuddle Daybed, Spring At Last Flora Arrangement

cjsf 2

Spring Hammock, Spring Planter, Spring Flowers in Terracotta Pot

cjsf 3

Bouncing chicks


Ankara Sofa, Forget-Me-Not Flowers in a Planter,  Rattan Love Chair, Floral Privacy Screen


Tell us about the hunt in general… YOUR opinion

Even though my “shop” is here on the sim I rarely have time to wander around and visit all the shops.

The hunt had just the right amount of difficulty with good hints.

This is not all of the gifts and I will not state which gifts came from which shop as the fun is in the discovery!

While you’re having fun hunting, check out the sale carts, nothing over 99L !!

Thank you Angelfire Teebrook 


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