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Pool Party Hunt

pool party,swimwear ,drink etc Hunt Name Pool Party Hunt Hunt Date June 1-30 Applications Deadline Date May 20 Where To Apply https://nefelievents.blogspot.it/ Organisers SL Name Nefeli Rickena Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chamotte/105/241/22 Marketplace Starting URL Hunt Object: A beach ball Cost of Hunt 1 Hunt Group Nefeli […]

Life’s a Beach Hunt 

Summer is finally here and it’s time to bask in the sunshine and dip your toes in the ocean. This hunt celebrates all things summer and beach related. The hunt object is a sandcastle. Hunt Name Life’s a Beach Hunt Hunt Date June 7th – June 30th 2019 Applications Deadline Date June 3rd Where To […]

Lazy Summer Day Hunt

How do you enjoy the hot and humid days of summer? Theme: Summer, Vacation/Holidays, Sunshine, Heat etc. The hunt object is a beach lounge chair. Hunt Name Lazy Summer Day Hunt Hunt Date July 7th – July 31st 2019 Applications Deadline Date July 3rd Where To Apply https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NP6zjQmcRihRVItCLx4flK3Bpb6WB8cNWMUDsB0Y_OI/edit Organisers SL Name Xzavia Yifu Any Other […]

Scorching Summer Hunt

The theme is Summer. Anything from beaches to Summer fun and swimwear is allowed. This is a $1L Hunt. All stores are allowed Including gestures, decor, female, male or unisex items as well as children items, textures etc. Please Note that the Line is based on first applied first on the list. The line up […]

The Creative Spark 5L Summer Spark Hop Hunt

Summer Hunt Name The Creative Spark 5L Summer Spark Hop Hunt Hunt Date July 1st to July 31st Applications Date Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Lunar Tripsa Any Other Info 11 Merchants from The Creative Spark have joined together to have our first 5L Store Hop Hunt!!! You must join The Creative Spark Group […]

Celtic Celebration Hunt 2

Celebrating the Summer Solstice. Hunt items can be anything to do with Summer or Celtic. We will have unlimited stops, meaning we will accept as many designers and creators that wish to apply. Hunt Name Celtic Celebration Hunt 2 Hunt Date July 1-29 Applications Date now-June 18th Where To Apply https://kingswoodevent.wixsite.com/kingswood Organisers SL Name Cajuntease […]

Sparkling Summer Night Hunt

Summer Home and Garden Hunt Name Sparkling Summer Night Hunt on the Home Whimsy Sim Hunt Date 7-8-17 to 7-30-17 Applications Date And Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Lunar Tripsa Any Other Info 8 Stores offering a 1L item on one sim. Type of Hunt Sim Hunt SLurl to marketplace and/or in-world starting location […]