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The Grab Event

  Luxury, elegance, fashion, beauty, power and quality can all be found at Second Life’s latest exclusive sales event. With some of the best designers coming together to present to you amazing clothing, furnishings and accessories, this is definitely the event to add to your calendar. With talented bloggers and designers and a high quality […]

Haunted Nawlins “Trick or Treat”

  This is a multi-store, sim-wide hunt in a single location. Trick or Treaters (hunters) should get a FREE hud and use it to knock on doors. In doing so they collect (or lose!) points. When they are tired, they can trade in points for prizes. Hunt Name Haunted Nawlins “Trick or Treat” Hunt Date […]

Fantasy Gay Pride Presents The Time Travel Hunt

  Welcome to the Fantasy Gay Pride’s Time Travel Hunt! This is a sim-wide hunt. Each area has its own treasures hidden in magic lamps. There is no hunt group. All the hints are in this notecard. We promise the things are there. You just have to look! Happy hunting! The sim will not officially […]

World Famous White Tigers 30 Gift + Treasure Hunt

  YOUR HUNT INFO *Princess Akela came to this beautiful Island for a little R & R. White Tigers Islands offers everything from shopping and dancing, to fishing and cuddling. Some seem to believe that she was taken prisoner by a rogue Island tribe in order to sacrifice her to some Tiki God inside the […]

Vero Moder Hoppy Easter Store Hunt

  Hunt Name Vero Modero Hoppy Easter Store Hunt Hunt Date 25-31 March Applications Date Organisers SL Name Mitgard Any Other Info 3 Pink Eggs for girls, 3 Blue Eggs for guys, 2L$ Each to got a complete outfit Type of Hunt Sim Hunt SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VeroModero/127/177/28