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Sing a Song Hunt

When: Nov. 7 – 30, 2009 Number of vinyl records: 25 from Lemania, but tons more from other shops on the sim Locations: Lemania Wondrous Strange Blog: http://lemaniaindigo.blogspot.com/

Fashion in Literature Hunt

When: Sept. 5 – 30, 2009 Number of books: ~60 (2 sims) Location: Lemania sim Wondrous Strange sim Links: Lemania Indigo Blog

August Moon Hunt at Lemania

When: Aug. 8 – 31, 2009 Number of moons: ~70 Location: Lemania The French Farm

June Bug Hunt at Lemania Designs & The French Farm

When: June 14 – 30, 2009 Number of June bugs: 20+ at Lemania’s and 10+ at the French Farm Locations (2 sims): The Castle of Lemania @ Lemania’s The French Farm Links: Lemania Indigo’s Blog

May Flowers Hunt at Lemania and The French Farm

When: May 10 – 31, 2009 Number of flowers: 20+ at Lemania; ~27 at The French Farm Locations: Lemania Indigo Designs The French Farm