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STEAM XVI: Steampunk Pirates

Steampunk pirates! HHL/Mieville Hunts & Events invites you to join in the grid-wide hunt for treasure! Along with the hunt, enjoy a themed market with dozens of shops, games, and entertainments. Hunt Name STEAM XVI: Steampunk Pirates Hunt Date 6-28 March 2021 Applications Deadline Date 6-Feb 2021 Where To Apply http://historicalhunts.blogspot.com/p/applications.html Organisers SL Name Perryn […]

Body Art 4 Hunt

Body Art – Items to customise your avatar! Tattoos, piercings, skins, makeup, eyes and shapes. Hunt Name Body Art 4 Hunt Hunt Date 1st – 31st March Applications Deadline Date 22/02/2021 Where To Apply https://stuffmyinventoryhunts.wordpress.com/body-art-4-hunt/ Organisers SL Name Evelyn Hartshon Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL TBC Marketplace Starting […]

Angel of Pain Hunt

Start is at the landing point of Angel of Pain. There you will find an announcement poster of the HUNT. On it you can see the box you have to search for. Under this poster you can find the first box. HOW DOES THE BOX WORK? 1. Stand very close to the box, otherwise it […]

Isle Du Noir christmas hunt

Christmas gifts from the isle to you. Something for the whole family Hunt Name Isle Du Noir christmas hunt Hunt Date december 12-15 Applications Deadline Date N/a Where To Apply N/A Organisers SL Name lizbloodhtorn@gmail.com Any Other Info Members from the isle has left quite a few gifts for people to find from art to […]

Brighter Beginnings Hunt

Positive items, to provide a bit of calm as we take on the new year. (Please, no adult themed [X-rated] items, as our hunts are open to all) Hunt Name Brighter Beginnings Hunt Hunt Date January 3-January 23, 2021 Applications Deadline Date December 15 2020 Where To Apply https://www.mythmysterymagic.com/mmm-hunts Organisers SL Name Morrigan Ethaniel Any […]

enchantment Presents: Phantom of the Opera

Anything inspired by the tale Hunt Name Enchantment Presents: Phantom of the Opera Hunt Date November 14th to December 7th Applications Deadline Date NA Where To Apply NA Organisers SL Name angeloflifelight resident Any Other Info Close your eyes and embrace the music of the night as you hunt for prizes fit for a prima […]