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May Flowers

Anything floral or spring Hunt Name May Flowers Hunt Date May 1st – 30th Applications Date Deadline April 24th Where To Apply http://sinoriginalhunts.blogspot.com/p/may-flowers-sign-up.html Organisers SL Name sinfullysaucy spiritor Any Other Info This is a $2L hunt where pics and hints are mandatory. So please if you join make sure you provide both. The hint giver […]

The Selfie Hunt

June 7th – June 30th 2018 This is a 1L Hunt Show the world how powerful, precious or just fantastically fabulous you really are! Indulge yourself…it’s all about YOU! The hunt object is two polaroid pictures. Hunt Name The Selfie Hunt Hunt Date June 7th – June 30th 2018 Applications Date June 3rd Where To […]

Dog Days Of Summer Hunt

7th – July 31st 2018 This is a 1L Hunt It’s the height of summer and you want to enjoy the sunshine but it’s so hot! How do you enjoy your long summer days despite the heat? The hunt object is small doghouse. Hunt Name Dog Days of Summer Hunt Hunt Date July 7th – […]

Meh, Whatever Hunt

Aug 7th – Aug 31st 2018 This is a 1L Hunt Free Theme: Make whatever you want! The hunt object is a red and black box with question marks. Hunt Name Meh, Whatever Hunt Hunt Date Aug 7th – Aug 31st 2018 Applications Date Aug 3rd Where To Apply https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FDE3qqKlUOizCrQV2ILXqnQYhJtEK03yElBaWIdvUTA/edit Organisers SL Name Xzavia Yifu […]

Nevermore Hunt

Sept 7th – Sept 30th 2018 This is a 1L Hunt When the nights grow longer we silently slip into Autumn’s embrace as our minds drift back to the ache of lost love. Heartbreak and regret unleashes the forlorn muse within. The theme for this hunt is anything dark, poetic, Gothic etc. The hunt object […]

Greatest Fear Hunt

Oct 7th – Oct 31st 2018 This is a 1L Hunt Autumn has drawn to a close and its rustling leaves sound like faint whispers in the dark. The naked trees creak in the wind, casting sinister shadows in the moonlight. What terror awaits you during the long, dark nights? The theme is Creepy, Scary, […]

Long Winter’s Nap Hunt

Nov 7th – Nov 30th 2018 This is a 1L Hunt With each passing day the air gets colder and the nights grow a little longer. How do you approach Winter’s icy embrace? The hunt object is a blanket with two pillows. Hunt Name Long Winter’s Nap Hunt Hunt Date Nov 7th – Nov 30th […]