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Quest Fur Cover

Quest Fur Cover is a grid-wide biannual hunt aimed specifically at Furry/Furry Friendly stores, and strives to get them noticed, help increase traffic, and encourage the community to work together. QFC is a FREE hunt, meaning there will be no cost for the prizes handed out, and there is no cost for merchants to join, […]

Fur Your Entertainment Hunt

A hunt inspired by Adam Lambert, Emo, Furry & Alt Avi Community. However goth fashion, punk, glam rock & grunge inspired items are also within the theme. Hunt Name Fur Your Entertainment Hunt Hunt Date April 15th-May 15th, 2018 Applications Date Now to April 13th Where To Apply https://goo.gl/forms/QKyUXnY0nA6plMZm1 Organisers SL Name Victoria MacFanatic Any […]