Open Hunt Applications


This is where you will find the links to the application info, the deadline for the application, the hunt dates and the organizer/contact person for the hunt.  If a link is not working, let me know and I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as possible.


AleiaSerenity Sapphire   

  1. Pool Party Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: May 20 Hunt Dates: June 1 – 30 Contact Person: Nefeli Events THEME: Pool Party, Swimwear, Drinks, etc How To Apply:
  2. Live. Love. KPOP! Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: May 25 Hunt Dates: June 10 – July 1 Contact Person: Athena Naminosaki THEME: Kpop How To Apply:
  3. Mischievous Mayhem – Siren’s Song Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: May 26 Hunt Dates: June 1 – 30 Contact Person: Horr Amaterasu THEME: Seductively Tempting How To Apply:
  4. Cocktail Of Colors (grid-wide) App. Deadline: May 30 Hunt Dates: June 1 – 30 Contact Person: GiaBlossom THEME: Anything colorful, peppy is allowed. Bright colors and celebration associated. Let your imagination run wild How To Apply:
  5. Life’s A Beach Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: June 3 Hunt Dates: June 7 – 30 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: All things Summer and beach related How To Apply:
  6. Star Spangled Hunt 4 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: June 7 Hunt Dates: July 1 – July 18 Contact Person: Chrissy Sparrowtree THEME: all about stars and stripes, patriotic, bright summer colors   How to Apply: 2 ways: Online at or by grabbing the Application NC from the open applications Hunt Card here
  7. A Midsummer Night’s Dream 10 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: June 14 Hunt Dates: June 19 – July 21 Contact Person: Spooky Mistwallow THEME: Shakespearean play involving woodland fairies and love in ancient Greece. THEME is open to creative inerpretation. Moder items with a hint of themed inspiration are prefectly welcome. You dont need to make a costume etc. **We expect better quality prizes than you would make for a free hunt because our hunters will expect better, too.** How To Apply:
  8. Celtic Celebration Hune 3 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: June 15 Hunt Dates: July 1 – 31 Contact Person: Cajuntease THEME: A Time when we come together to remember our fallen Heroes, family and friends How To Apply: Fill out the Application NC by grabbing it from the Open Applications Board HERE or Fill out the application on the WEBSITE
  9. Lazy Summer Day Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 3 Hunt Dates; July 7 – 31 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Summer. Vacation/Holidays, Sunshine, Heat etc. How To Apply:
  10. Around The Grid In 80 Days 7 Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 6 Hunt Dates: July 13 – July 6 Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg THEME: Open theme to show off your style How To Apply:
  11. Back To School Hunt 3 (grid-wide) App. Deadline: July 15 Hunt Dates: August 1 – 31 Contact Person: Cajuntease THEME: Help Teachers, Parents and Kids How To Apply:
  12. Curiosity Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: August 3 Hunt Dates: August 7 – 31 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Free Theme How To Apply:
  13. Dark and Brooding Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: September 3 Hunt Dates: September 7 – 30 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Who can deny the appeal of a mysterious, dark and brooding sou? Gothic, Vampires, etc How To Apply:
  14. Gothic Masquerade (grid-wide) App. Deadline: September 17 Hunt Dates: October 1 – October 31 Contact Person: Ripley Rozenberg THEME: Halloween, Goth, Parties, masquerade Balls How To Apply:
  15. Sinister Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: October 3 Hunt Dates: October 7 – 31 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Creepy, Evil, Scary, Monsters, Gory, Halloween, etc. How To Apply:
  16. Winter Wonderland Hunt (grid-wide) App. Deadline: November 3 Hunt Dates: November 7 – 30 Contact Person: Xzavia Yifu THEME: Winter, Snow, cozy, Christmas/New Years or other Winter Festivities How To Apply:


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