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Beginning January 2014

This is a perfect opportunity to bring a new vision into the SLHunts Community.

YOU will be featured on our blog!

Bringing honest opinions from the average hunter on SL!

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Reporter – Angelfire Teebrook

Name of Hunt – Cookie Jar Spring Festival Hunt  and Cart Sale

Hunt Date-  20th March – 10th April

List of Hunt Lms – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/37/103/25

Hunt Blog – https://thecookiejarcommunity.wordpress.com/spring-festival/

Cost – FREE

Hunt Pictures 

cjsf 1

Drafting Table Set, SiennaSpring Cuddle Daybed, Spring At Last Flora Arrangement

cjsf 2

Spring Hammock, Spring Planter, Spring Flowers in Terracotta Pot

cjsf 3

Bouncing chicks


Ankara Sofa, Forget-Me-Not Flowers in a Planter,  Rattan Love Chair, Floral Privacy Screen


Tell us about the hunt in general… YOUR opinion

Even though my “shop” is here on the sim I rarely have time to wander around and visit all the shops.

The hunt had just the right amount of difficulty with good hints.

This is not all of the gifts and I will not state which gifts came from which shop as the fun is in the discovery!

While you’re having fun hunting, check out the sale carts, nothing over 99L !!

Thank you Angelfire Teebrook 



Reporter – Renna Fairey

Name of Hunt – Mad Peas “Buried” Hunt

Hunt Date-  1-31-2015 to 3-31-2015

Hunt Start Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glimpse%20of%20Eternity/188/194/21

Hunt Blog – http://madpea.blogspot.fi/2015/02/buried-how-to-play.html

Cost – HUD costs 300L

Hunt Pictures – Please see blog


Tell us about the hunt in general… YOUR opinion –

Madpeas hunts are always well worth the cost (Hud for story line and hints was 300L this time) the group is always helpful and friendly, with the hunters helping each other out. Which they need to do, because actual info on the hunt itself is scant on what you need to do and many people don’t read the ‘local’ chat when the HUD talks to them and miss things.

The story line is you are looking for a missing woman for a large cash reward and get caught up in a game she was playing. The HUD pays interactions between you and the story, keeping it errie and fresh with great voice actors.

Prizes are WELL worth over the 300L cost of the hud, and you MUST finish the storyline to get them.

There were a few glitches such as the starting point is on a homestead, so only 20 people can be there at a time (not really a glitch, just need to keep trying), at clue 12 the map is backwards, and at clue 6 you really need to hit up the store hint giver as the clue isn’t near the landing point at all.

This is my fourth Madpea hunt and I always find them engaging and fun.

MUST have cam skills, item is small.
IS totally worth it.
CAN be confusing.

4.5 stars :D

Thanks Renna Fairey for your honest opinion on this hunt!


Reporter – AngelleWingz

Name of Hunt – The Beached Bunny Hunt 4

Hunt Date-  1 June to 15 June 2014

Hunt Start Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grumble%202/129/163/30

Hunt Blog – http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hints_7.html

0L gifts
56 stores listed, 3 adult sims
Landmarks and Hints at blog
Search for blue toy pail

Tell us about the hunt in general… YOUR opinion…

This hunt was FANTASTIC, almost. That Evil Bunny didn’t give me a good enough hint to find the final treasure room of 20 bonus gifts hidden somewhere on the Bunny’s Evil Beach !

Other than that, this could have been the best hunt of the Summer, except the hunt ends one week before Summer actually starts.

If I can’t find those bonus gifts, I’ll just have to satisfy myself with 8 new sexy bikinis, 11 gorgeous sundresses, a bunch of very nice beach furniture and some other cool summery things.

Have a Happy Summer & don’t forget to wear Sun Protection if you spend time outside.


Here’s a few of the gifts you can find on this hunt

_Lok's_ Beach Swing for 3 (BBH4 Prize)

_WT_ - TBBH4 - Floral Bunny

Beached Bunny Bar - Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations

C&N Special Edition Women Dress Una pic

-Hanaya- Pelee Island Beach Chair [mesh] HUNT GIFT Image

TBBH Retro Shades Picture - The Vintage Touch

Thank you AngelleWingz for a honest hunters view on this hunt :)


Reporter – AngelleWingz

Name of Hunt – The Breakfast at Tiffany’s Hunt

Hunt Date- 10 May to 31 May 2014

Hunt Start Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BeachFlowers/193/54/23

Hunt Blog – http://www.fiscreations.com/hunts/the-breakfast-at-tiffanys-hunt-hints-and-pictures.html

Tell us how the hunt was organised –

Sponsored by Fi’s Hunts
0L gifts
51 stores listed
Landmarks and hints at blog
Landmarks in hunt gifts
Search for a pink box with Audrey Hepburn on it

Tell us about the hunt in general… YOUR opinion –

If you haven’t gone on a good hunt lately, GO ON THIS ONE ! ! !
The hunt was well organized, the gifts were easy to find, and the gifts were fabulous ! ! !
Included in the gifts were a lot of delicious black mini-dresses, cocktail dresses and gowns ! ! !
Also vintage style dresses in other colors, gorgeous jewelry, elegant home furnishings, and . . .
Are you still there ? Oh . . . I guess you went on the hunt !
Pictures of the gifts –

_L_ Audrey Day Dress Ad - The Breakfast at Tiffany's Hunt '14 Audrey 2 BlkSuede (c) blah.BLAH.blah Breakfast at Tiffanys 4 Color Dress Pack Breakfast  at Tiffany Glam Dreams TBATH Gift HDW Perfection in Black Nightmare Design - Breakfast At Tiffany's Hunt Prism_Charlene_Breakfast_at_Tiffanys_Hunt_2014 Tiffany Full Outfit Tiffany Necklace 1 XH Audrey Hat Brown Photo

Pictures of all the gifts can also be found here:


Thank you AngelleWingz for a honest hunters view on this hunt :)

Reporter – AngelleWingz

Hunt – Let the Sparks Fly Hunt

Hunt Date- 21 May to 20 June 2014


Hunt Start Location –

Hunt Blog –

This zero linden hunt has a fair number of stores that dropped
out without telling the organizers. Some stores just disappeared
entirely, or in the case of Mad Cat Creations, it looks like a bomb
blew up & destroyed all the land and stores just leaving some
random store merchandise scattered around here & there.

Skip the following stores & you can go on a cute little hunt with
lots of clothes, furnishings, knick-knacks & what-nots. #10, #13,
#14, #18 (the bombed sim), #19, #20, #22, #24 & #25.

Happy Hunting! & don’t forget to look behind walls & on roofs.


Below is few of the hunt gifts available

#1 Sin Original outfits #6 Cake Fox Eyes Sparkles #11 C&P outfits #12 Virtual Textures Red White & Blue Fabrics #17 Petite Plunder pool floats #26 Ro!Act Designs Seamless Stars & Stripes Patterns

Thank you AngelleWingz for a honest hunters view on this hunt :)


Reporter -AngelleWingz

Hunt – Antisocial Web Hunt

Hunt Date- 1 May to 1 June 2014

I am going to re-name this hunt the Clueless Hunt, because so many stores had no clues. Well actually that isn’t true because only 6 of the stores had no clues. I didn’t find any gifts at the clueless stores, so save yourself some trouble and skip Dappa, Redrum, Phoebe’s, Arise, Silly Spoiled Whore, and Sympatika. You can also skip RnB because at least when I visited, the gift box was empty.

Now for the good news. This hunt had some pretty cool clothes and included some major stores like Insanya, Sassy & AlterEgo. Most of the gifts were urban clothing with some other miscellaneous stuff like tattoos tossed in.


Hunt Start Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tulsa%20Time/160/34/21

Hunt Blog –http://www.antisocialwebhunt.com.ar/index.php/en/

Below is few of the hunt gifts available

...___Beautiful Dirty Rich___... I Hate People

.S&C. Antisocial

[Glitzz] AWH-Display

~Sassy!~  Gecko tshirt - Antisocial Web Hunt

Duh Antisocial Web Hunt Ad

Xplosion TankTop Female (CamoGreen)

Thank you AngelleWingz for a honest hunters view on this hunt :)


Reporter -AngelleWingz

Hunt – Showers & Flowers Hunt

Unfortunately, the showers washed away a lot of the stores in the Showers & Flowers Hunt. So I have to re-name this hunt, “The Missing Store Hunt.” Nine of the 35 listed stores dropped out of the hunt or they went out of business, or had no gift.
(Store #2, #5, #9, #17, #18, #26, #27, #28, & #32)

The hints were ok & the gifts were easy to find.

About half of the stores had clothing gifts, and the other half had home furnishings or landscaping items.

Store #12 & 34 were in Adult sims
Store #16 is gone but the gift is still there.
And when I went, Store #6 moved to a new sim, and the floor of the new skybox was still phantom, so either fly or wear a parachute before you go to that one. ;)

Below is a few of the gifts you can find in this hunt…

01 Sin Original outfits

08 Ro!Act Designs textures

20 Aileen's coffee table

21 Potpourri Designs window

22 Harmony Designs outfit

24 Cupcake Clothing outfits

30 Inara's Fantasy Couture outfits

35 Cake Fox Purple Tulip Field

Thank you AngelleWingz for a honest hunters view on this hunt :)


Reporter – Kenzie Avedon

Hunt – Medieval Fantasy Hunt – Once Upon a Dark Tale

This hunt was, as usual, very organized and the prizes were excellent.

It was not an easy hunt by any means; however, it was not hair pullingly difficult.

The imaginative hints nudged you in the right direction.

Prizes from landscaping to clothes to avatar accessories; 57 plus prizes to delight every hunter.

Below is a view of some of the hunt gifts.

mfh 1

A secret cave with fire, trees, table 7 chairs
Fantasy Snowmobile
Raven Chair


Thorn pathway
Pale skin with fangs, male and female versions
Lord or Lady hair


Beautiful gold outfit, also comes in male version

For more info on this hunt click here — MEDIEVAL FANTASY HUNT


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