September 2019

Back To School Hunt

“It’s that time of year again! Back to school! We all know the costs of going back to school. From Tuition to clothing, it costs quite a bit. We want to help you with that a lil at a much cheaper investment. All you have to do is browse our shopping district for Stacks Of […]

Hide and Seek Hunt

From Sept 1st – Oct 15th you’ll find 15 BRAND NEW Release Texture Sets for just 10L each! You’re looking for a small black frame with the Hide & Seek Kitty on the front (check posters for example). Prize Pics & Hints will be provided on the Pounce Hunts blog in no particular order. All […]

Fall Into Fun

Autumn! Fall, leaves, pumpkins, sweaters, etc. Hunt Name Fall Into Fun Hunt Date September 15 – October 15 Applications Deadline Date September 10th Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Violet Steamweaver Any Other Info This is a hunt for KIDS and their families. Only shops catering to children and families will be considered. Type […]

Pretty Special Surprise Hunt

  | “MELANGE has had P.S.S. = Pretty Special Surprise for awhile now. It’s an on-going special sale that changes randomly given the shopper a great deal on high quality fashion item/s. The catch? The only catch is ‘it’s a surprise’. (hehe) *There’s [2] P.S.S. Displays in the mainstore constantly.* But now we have decided […]


10 Beach Complete Outfits see pics >> Hunt Name BIKINI HUNT BRII Hunt Date AUG-SEPT Applications Deadline Date NA Where To Apply NA Organisers SL Name Brianna Passiflora Any Other Info Search a small Palm l$ 6 each See Pics Type of Hunt Sim Hunt In-World Starting URL Marketplace Starting URL na […]

Ride or Die Event

Ride or Die is all about our Biker Community, weather big or small.. young or old.. its time to watch the road for them… So get your creativeness going and design something amazing.. You can design for Men, Women, Children Furries and more..As Long as its MC/Biker type Themed. Hunt Name Ride or Die Event […]

Share the Road

As we know in the summer we have motorcycle galore out on the roads, Bike week, Sturgis, and just over all fun to ride.. SO this is all about bikers and MC’s. Desginers ~ put your creative mojo to the test and come up with something that bikers alike would love.. from Clothing to furniture […]