Dia de los Halloween

  Halloween theme, creepy hunt. Hunt prizs by Slavic creators. Different themes, different styles. Original meshes, textures, etc. Information: Prize list: Hunt Name Dia de los Halloween (DDLHH) Hunt Date Until October 31th Applications Date Deadline was 15th Organisers SL Name KennyChidorie Any Other Info Sim and marketplace hunt. Price ->1 linden per […]

Fantasy Gay Pride Presents The Time Travel Hunt

  Welcome to the Fantasy Gay Pride’s Time Travel Hunt! This is a sim-wide hunt. Each area has its own treasures hidden in magic lamps. There is no hunt group. All the hints are in this notecard. We promise the things are there. You just have to look! Happy hunting! The sim will not officially […]

White Tigers Islands Pirate Hunt

  Pirate Hunt with over 50 gifts. Hunt Name White Tigers Islands Pirate Hunt Hunt Date Sept 15th – Nov. 15th Applications Date NA Organisers SL Name Libertybelle Lyric Any Other Info White Tigers Islands will be hosting a large scavenger game-based adventure “Pirate Hunt”. This hunt has the best booty of any SL pirate […]

Back To School Hat Hunt

  The September hat hunt focuses on BACK TO SCHOOL. That can mean all kinds of things for adults and students alike. Let your creativity flow and create hats within this theme that run the gamut of imagination. Need some ideas? How about hats that focus on: * School sports teams: football, track, swimming, tennis, […]

Unity Sim Exploration

  Come explore all that Unity, Alabama has to offer as a modern non-urban RP sim. We are RP sim that includes children, pets and family in day to day RP but has a more adult side to it as well. Hunt Name Unity Sim Exploration Hunt Date Sept 3-11 Applications Date n/a Organisers SL […]

Ghee Indian Summer Hunt

  From August 12th to September 2nd 2016, 39 spice jars will be hidden around the Ghee Main Store and park for you to find. Spice up your summer with the Ghee Indian Summer Hunt Collection. A complete late summer wardrobe of co-ordinating clothing and accessories to mix and match, in spicy shades of chilli, […]

Game of Thrones in Westeros

  hunting theme of Game of Thrones with items 1L $ 25 to L $ Hunt Name Game of Thrones Hunt in Westeros Hunt Date 25/08/2016 Applications Date Organisers SL Name BadHalfBlood Any Other Info Game of Thrones with items 1L $ 25 to L $, 13 days duration with more than 100 items August […]