Dia de los Halloween

  Halloween theme, creepy hunt. Hunt prizs by Slavic creators. Different themes, different styles. Original meshes, textures, etc. Information: http://secondlifeanime.blogspot.com/2016/09/dia-de-los-halloween-hunt.html Prize list: http://secondlifeanime.blogspot.com/2016/09/ddlhh-prize-list.html Hunt Name Dia de los Halloween (DDLHH) Hunt Date Until October 31th Applications Date Deadline was 15th Organisers SL Name KennyChidorie Any Other Info Sim and marketplace hunt. Price ->1 linden per […]

The Perfect Autumn Day

  A sim wide hunt of Home and Garden items for the perfect Autumn Day Hunt Name The Perfect Autumn Day Hunt Date October 16 through 30th Applications Date none Organisers SL Name Homewhimsy Resident Any Other Info Most Join the Home Whimsy Group. All hunt items are free once you are in the group. […]

Pestilent Hunt

  General Creepyness Hunt Name pestilent hunt Hunt Date october 20-november 3 Applications Date none Organisers SL Name Hallow Gothly Any Other Info Sim hunt for the silent peacock hotel.. must find peacock feathers. Type of Hunt Sim Hunt SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LostShores/171/178/21

-CroM- Halloween Hunt

  -CroM- is having a HALLOWEEN HUNT for the first time ツ 5 Pumpkins have been hidden at the store. Prizes are 5L each one. Come and try to find them! Hunt Name -CroM- Halloween Hunt Hunt Date Oct 15 – Nov 2 Applications Date – Organisers SL Name Daniela Karsin Any Other Info Type […]

Inkheart Halloween Hunt

  This is a Halloween hunt and there are 12 Bat Hearts to find. Hunt Name Inkheart Halloween Hunt Hunt Date 15 October – 5 November Applications Date NA Organisers SL Name Inkheart Resident Any Other Info This hunt is 0L and hunters will get 12 eyes created specially for this holiday! Type of Hunt […]

Scare Me Silly Great Pumpkin Hunt

  Halloween Hunt Name Scare Me Silly Great Pumpkin Hunt Hunt Date Oct 13 – 31 Applications Date not applicable Organisers SL Name Johannes1977 Resident Any Other Info The Scare Me Silly Event is organised by Team Diabetes of Second Life. It runs from October 13 to 31 2016. It is a half sim of […]

Greek Halloween Hunt

  A small hunt among friend’s creators. Halloween hunt full of free gifts. See at the blog all about it and the gifts!! Hunt Name Greek Halloween hunt Hunt Date 20-31 October Applications Date Organisers SL Name kalliopi Ziplon Any Other Info Description of Hunt Object : the same as the poster ,a png texture […]