November 2019

Botanica’s Thanksgiving Traditions Mini Hunt

Now thru’ Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Traditions Educational Mini Hunt at Botanica’s Americana Cafe. Come learn about the traditions and history behind the American Thanksgiving Day. The one day when American across the country, of all colors, creeds and politics, come together over similar meals with others to and affirm ties of kinship and sense of themselves […]

Enchantment Presents: The Snow Queen Hunt

The Snow Queen Hunt Name Enchantment Presents: The Snow Queen Hunt Hunt Date Nov 9th to Dec 2nd Applications Deadline Date n/a Where To Apply n/a Organisers SL Name angeloflifelight resident Any Other Info Feel the icy winds blow and let it go! Join us all at Enchantment for another magical hunt sponsored by our […]

Art & Fashion Group Hunt

It is an original Group Hunt (the group is free) with 9 Steps to take an Outfit with art texture (Mini Dress & Jacket). The customers read the suggestions in a notecard (poems, quotes) and especially the Capital Words inside them and after they search the Word in a Sculpture in the gardens or in […]

Winter Hunt

Winter female Complet outfits see pics>> Hunt Name WINTER HUNT 3 Hunt Date november 01-30 Applications Deadline Date NA Where To Apply NA Organisers SL Name Brianna Passiflora Any Other Info Type of Hunt Sim Hunt In-World Starting URL Marketplace Starting URL na Hunt Object: snowmen and boy Cost of Hunt L$6 Hunt […]

GGH:Shadows of the City of Dusk

Shadows of the City of Dusk A memorial of those who we know that has passed away rl and those we are not informed of. So lets honor the rper’s, fighters and life styler’s that help make the Gor we play in today with in Second life One day we will all be in the […]

“Get Your Pumpkin Patching On!” Hunt

| “It’s time to Get Your Pumpkin Patching On! We have harvested alot of pumpkins & set them all around the stores. It’s a simple hunt with just browsing all our stores & searching for pumpkins. Find all of them while you take a look around at our fashion items & you will have a […]

Ghee Trick or Treat Pumpkin Hunt

Someone’s been dropping pumpkins at Ghee! Some of them contain treats, and some contain “tricks” (nothing harmful we promise!). This is a hunt with a difference. The pumpkins are in plain sight, and there are no hints. You just need to take a good look around the Ghee main store and park to find the […]