All The Colors Of The Day Hunt

Autumn/Winter Hunt Name All the Colors of the Day Hunt Hunt Date November 15 – December 15 Applications Deadline Date November 1 Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Cheryne Jewell Any Other Info Spot: 10 sponsor + 20 store sponsor fee: 150 Linden Gift: unisex, only female, only male or both Blog: Type […]

A Very Boring Halloween Hunt

Get ready for madness, mayhem, and terror! Pick up your weapons and arm yourselves to the teeth cause these zombies are coming for you. Bored Babygirls hosts A Very Boring Halloween Hunt with 13 gifts supporting Maitreya, Hourglass and Gianni mesh bodies! Hunt Name A Very Boring Halloween Hunt Hunt Date October 15-November 5 Applications […]

Let’s Go Camping

The great outdoors. Do you enjoy hiking? Cooking? Sleeping? Or any other extra curricular activity? We wanna know! This is a 2L hunt. Hunt Name Let’s Go Camping Hunt Hunt Date November 1-30th Applications Deadline Date October 20th Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Xandra Bressig Any Other Info Before applying, you MUST read […]

Hoarders Of Second LIfe

Female Only, Male& Female or Unisex, Full Perm, Pose, Gestures, Home & Garden Hunt Name Hoarders Of Second Life Hunt Date Nov 10th – Dec 10th Applications Deadline Date Nov 5th Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Orgasma Dimsum Or ToxicHunts Resident Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL […]

Botanica’s 8th Annual Halloween Tricks and Treats Hunt

Now thru’ Halloween. Botanica’s Interactive Trick AND Treat Sim Hunt that takes you through the cemetery, swamp, haunted cornfield maze and a few more surprises. 21 Tricks give 21 Treats. Collect all to win the Grand Prize Ghost Glider. It is a little spooky with a whole lot of corn. Lots of photo ops playing […]

The Red Hunt

  The Red Hunt is in support of Team Diabetes of SL, an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association! All items are 10 lindens and should be red in color, as November is National Diabetes Month. Hunt Name The Red Hunt Hunt Date November 1 to 30, 2018 Applications Deadline Date October […]

Beauty of Africa, Back to School or items in any shade of yellow. Hunt Name:   Education for Kenya Hunt Hunt Date:     November 1st-30th, 2018 Applications Deadline Date:   now – October 30th, 2018 Where To Apply: Organisers SL Name:    victoria macfanatic Any Other Info:    This hunt is a 50% to charity and 50% for […]