May 2021

IDAHOT Store Hop

May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT), every year Femboy Hunt & Events Group sets up a store hop from May 17th to the 24th with each store either doing a store wide 70L sale, or a variety of items for 70L. All we ask is that you display the […]

Enchantment Presents: Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt

Lay down your head, close your eyes, and awaken in the realm of Fairyland! Join us for another magical round of Enchantment. Explore the dreamy classic tale by William Shakespeare while you hunt and be rewarded with gifts from some of the most talented designers in Second Life! Before you take a bow and let […]

MAYbe Anything Hunt

“It could be anything from Fashion Items to Decor. It’s totally a surprise but for only 5L each it’s a wonderful surprise. All high quality well designed items. You may find and collect a few or all. If you collect all 20, you will have 20 fabulous items at a steal of a deal. We […]

Birds of Peace Hunt

Explore the Sim and get some gifts. Hunt Name Birds of Peace Hunt Hunt/Event Dates 1. may 2021 to 30. June 2021 Applications Deadline Date N/A Where To Apply N/A Website No Website Organisers SL Name Belinda Badger Any Other Info Adult Sim Type of Hunt Sim Hunt In-World Starting URL Marketplace Starting URL […]


Sewer Hunt – Yes a hunt in the sewer, a sim size sewer at that. Time to get your waders on and get dirty as you go on a hunt for prize poo. Yes, poo. Do not worry, it is cute poo, we promise. No really, it is cute. Street Sale – There will be […]

Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens, Daddy and Babygirls, Regal Hunt Name Kings and Queens Hunt Date 8th May 2021 Applications Deadline Date 3rd May 2021 Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Mandilena Loxely Any Other Info .. Sponsors pay $250 Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL Marketplace Starting URL Hunt Object: […]

Chronicles & Legends Presents: Seelie vs Unseelie Fae Hunt

Step beyond the veil and explore the realms of Seelie and Unseelie fae. Be careful though! Some are light and some are dark, but all fairies are mischievous in nature. Can you find all the hidden treasures hidden by our talented creators? Once you triumph join us on a shopping journey into the sides of […]

Planting Peace Hunt

Plants, Gardening, Peace, Well-Being Hunt Name Planting Peace Hunt Hunt Date May 8 – 28 Applications Deadline Date April 25, 2021 Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Morrigan Ethaniel Any Other Info Our hunts are family friendly, no adult rated items allowed. Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL Marketplace Starting […]

The Giant BDSM Collaborative Hunt – May 2021

The Giant BDSM Collaborative Hunt is an exploration through SL’s BDSM and Kink-Lifestyle sims. Pick up some wonderful gifts, tour some of the more intimate clubs, and make some new friends. Even if it is not your kink, you will see some lovely venues and encounter colorful and interesting people. Hunt Name The Giant BDSM […]

Flower’s Time Hunt

The Flower’s Time Hunt is a free theme focused on colors, fantasy and fairy tales, friendship and brotherhood, labor and mother’s day, love and freedom. A group of selected designers offer original hunting items hidden inside the Daisy flower (L$ 3) in their shops. All Sponsor fees are for the fundraising to IKSDP-Harambee project Gwassi […]

Butterflies Hunt

Butterflies Hunt Name Butterflies Hunt Hunt Date May 1-31 Applications Deadline Date April 20 Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Nefeli Rickena Any Other Info Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt In-World Starting URL Marketplace Starting URL Hunt Object: A blue butterfly Cost of Hunt 1 Hunt Group Nefeli Events  secondlife:///app/group/c1f415cc-b239-750d-8ebd-45a42aff4b0e/about

Magical Spring Fair & Hunt

rebirthing, spring, flowers, solidarity, help, magic, fantasy, unicorns Hunt Name Magical Spring Fair & Hunt Hunt Date April 1st – May 7th Applications Deadline Date march 31st Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, Morrigan Ethaniel Any Other Info The Magical Spring Harambee Fair [April 1st – May 7th] is free-themed […]

Remembering You Hunt 4

Remembering our Heros. Rather it be a Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, any and all family and friends need to be remembered for whatever they have done in their life. Hunt Name Remembering You Hunt 4 Hunt Date May 2-31 Applications Deadline Date April 15th Where To Apply Organisers SL Name Cajuntease Any Other Info […]