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Ghouls, Goblins & Ghosts Hunt

When: October 15 – 31  2011 Location: Videos Includes 15 shops on the sim.

Chestnut Hunt

When: October 15 – 31  2011 Location: SwayLand  Blog:

Montagne Noire Mini Halloween Hunt

When: October 1 – 31  2011 Location:  Montagne Noire Hunt Organizer: Astolat Dufaux 10 items in our shop are reduced to 10L (regular price 100L-250L): four on the first floor, three on the second floor and two on the third floor.


When: October 15 – 31  2011 Location:  Leroy Blog:

The Hallowe’en Hunt

When: ending the first week on November  2011 Location: Ghloogums Look for the purple metal spiders. New ones added often.

Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

When: December 15 – January 15  2012 Start Location: This is an invitation only hunt. No applications. Blog:

Up All Night Creator Hunt

When: November 1 – 30  2011 Location:  WHIMSICAL IMAGINARIUM There will be two options for hunters, a ‘land and pay’ meaning the gift is at the landing point  for 10L$, or you may hunt the store with the given hint provided by the vendor to find the gift for FREE

Samhain Festival Hunt

When: October 6 – 31  2011 Location: Talisman 12 black cats to be found.

Weltenville Hunt Club presents Haunted Harvest Hunt

When: October 15 – 31   2011 Start Location: Weltenville Blog:

The Jabberwocky Halloweenie Hunt

When: October 15 -31  2011 Location: Cheshire Jabberwocky

The Black Friday Hunt

When: November 25 – December 25  2011 Where: Hunt organizers: Kaori Fang & Maezy Magic Applications stop at 50. Blog:

Les sucreries de Fairy’s Halloween Hunt

When: October 20 – 27  2011 Location:   Bunzi Organizer: Fairyzette Sahara Find 6 cakes to win the complete outfit.

Quarantine Hunt!

When: December 1 -31  2011 Location: Human Path Mutant Path his Hunt has been specially created to benefit the 2011 Relay For Life.  In order to participate, Hunters will make a L100 or greater donation to the designated Relay For Life kiosks at each path’s starting location (The paths have separate badges and […]

Dead and Loving It Hunt

When: December 1 – 31  2011 Location: Application Deadline: November 15  (up to 50 store) Blog: Contact: Roldin Voir

The Jerky Turkey Hunt

When: November 15 – December 15  2011 Location: GRUMBLE Application Deadline: October 24 (or first 100 stores) Blog:

Never You Mind Happy Halloween Hunt

When: October 7 – 31, 2011 Location: Never You Mind There are 6 Hunt sacks to find that all contain a little diabolical Halloween Gift. Click the sign at Never You Mind for a hint sheet.

Screaming for Fall Hunt

When: October 31 – November 18,  2011 Oraganizer: rockstarroo GossipGirl Starting location: Blog: Items sell for 5-10L$.

Rainbow Hunt

When: November 11 – 27  2011 Where: Application Deadline: October 31 Blog: Organizer: Viviane Hobble

Candy Cane 3 Gridwide Hunt

When: November 21 – December 25  2011 Start:   Grand Isle Application DEADLINE:  November 1st, 2011 or until full (dropbox will be deactivated) Blog: Organizers:  Spooky Mistwallow & Lynn Pooley

Making Christmas Hunt

When: December 10 – January 3  2012 Location: Business District Hotel Application Deadline: November 25 Blog: Applicants can be stores that sell gothic/grunge least 1. Hunt is for children and adults.


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