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[M] “Beautiful Dream Treasure Hunt”

| “Welcome to the Magical Forest where you can explore as you feel the senses of nature in it’s finest moments. The atmosphere has an illuminating and calming aura that brings you peace & tranquility. As you stroll through the effervescent woods of mystery you will see treasure chest keys. If you touch and collect these you will be one step closer to an even bigger surprise. Every single key has a fashion item; whether it be mesh clothing, omega clothing, hair, shoes or decor it’s bound to give you joy & delight. Adding these to your wardrobe or home will bring not just style and edginess but a sense of awakening to your life beyond your reality. You will begin to seek your own creativity inside you. That’s the wonderful gift the Magical Forest gives. If you come along the big surprise, you will be delighted as you can use this as you wish.” | All Hidden @ MELANGE !NC. Runway Place. Look high, low, inside building/s etc. If you find All [25 Total] you will have a 25 incredible fashion items. And ‘maybe’ some extra goodies … hehe

Hunt Name [M] “Beautiful Dream Treasure Hunt”
Hunt/Event Dates September 9th – October 9th
Applications Deadline Date N/A
Where To Apply N/A
Website http://www.facebook.com/pages/MeLanGe-Inc/178763538848254
Organisers SL Name TeenaMarie Bressig
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helmsdeep/151/146/3734
Marketplace Starting URL N/A
Hunt Object: Keys
Cost of Hunt 5
Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/d00266a1-d9a5-97eb-dc8b-d3eec52fb858/about

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