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The Pirates of Monte Likka

Avast Ye: Captn’Farrow a fearless pirate and long retired from the stormy sea who settled down at Monte was ever so cursed by his greedy deeds of plundering the treasures of others. The only way he will be freed from this curse of the Pirates of Monte Likka is to find ten purple pearls all scattered around the Retreat and the Basement Club. Follow the clues in each pearl to find them all. Each pearl also contains parts of the treasure. Yo, ho, ho !!!

Hunt Name The Pirates of Monte Likka Hunt
Hunt/Event Dates October 1- 31, 2021
Applications Deadline Date N/A
Where To Apply N/A
Website https://notimeforreallife.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-pirates-of-monte-likka-hunt.html
Organisers SL Name Anjelikka Resdident
Any Other Info There are 10 pearls to be found…
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monty/204/6/79
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: purple pearl
Cost of Hunt free
Hunt Group The Basement Club

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