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MELANGE’s “Back 2 School” Hunt

 “It’s that time of year again so grab your bookbag or backpack & get ready for school. Whether it’s college or high school it’s time to get in gear. Time to go hunt shopping! Hunt down all the crayons, collect them and open the crayon boxes for a fabulous fashion item inside to add to your back to school wardrobe. It could be mesh, omega, fitmesh, shoes or hair inside. Mystery is what makes it even more fun. Don’t forget to get your schedule and locker combo from your school before the start date. Being prepared is important for your success. Enjoy & Happy Hunting!” | All Hidden @ MELANGE !NC. Shopping District. Look high, low, inside building/s etc. If you find All [24 Total] you will have a 24 incredible fashion items. And ‘maybe’ some extra goodies … hehe Photo of the Ensemble in the Hunt NO PHOTO – Surprise Fashion Items! >>> Click Hunt Poster @ Landing <<<

Hunt NameMELANGE’s “Back 2 School” Hunt
Hunt/Event DatesAugust 8th – September 8th
Applications Deadline DateN/A
Where To ApplyN/A
Organisers SL NameTeenaMarie Bressig
Any Other Info
Type of HuntSim Hunt
In-World Starting URLhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helmsdeep/128/128/1500
Marketplace Starting URLN/A
Hunt Object:Crayons
Cost of Hunt5
Hunt GroupHuntaholics and More secondlife:///app/group/d00266a1-d9a5-97eb-dc8b-d3eec52fb858/about

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