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Angel of Pain Hunt

CREATOR OF THE REWARD: Pit Banx PARTICIPATING SIMS (all Adult): Angel of Pain, Café SCHLAGfertig, M&P, DaeSigns, Leafland HOW DOES THE BOX WORK? Stand very close to the box, otherwise it will not work. Click on the box with the left mouse button, a window appears in the upper right corner. Click on YES to animate. This procedure is valid for all boxes except the last one. While you are animated, a window appears in the upper right corner and in the Open Chat you see a short text with a number. For example: “Hello Susann DeCuir. your number in box #9 is: 12. Write down the number. Not the box number, but the last number. In this example it would be 12. You must write down all these numbers carefully. There will be 23 boxes hence 23 numbers. At the same time you will get a notecard in your inventory. The notecard contains hints that lead you to the next box. Box number 24 contains your reward. Click on box 24 with the left mouse button, a window will appear at the top. Add up the 23 numbers you received and add the total to this window. After you entered the correct number you get the reward delivered to your object folder (AoP Hunt-GIFT 2021). Just add it and unpack it. REMARKS: Everyone who participates in this HUNT must find and open all boxes, otherwise there is no final total and therefore no reward. Everybody gets different numbers, so simply passing the final number does not work. The numbers you get will always stay the same for yourself, so you don’t have to start over when you take a break or when you finish the HUNT like a week later. There are notecards that include an LM. It will lead you to another region. Be careful, there are skyboxes on some regions.

Hunt NameAngel of Pain Hunt
Hunt/Event Dates01. August 2021 to 12. September 2021
Applications Deadline Dateno
Where To Applyno
Organisers SL NameSusann DeCuir
Any Other Info
Type of HuntGrid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URLhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Embay/219/209/3002
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object:24 wooden boxes
Cost of Hunt0
Hunt Groupno

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