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Twisted Hunt Fall 2021 (Beyond The Veil)

Beyond the veil as referring to the mysterious division between the next world and this. Time for Twisted to give it’s take on the spiritual world or the mystical state after death!

Hunt NameTwisted Hunt Fall 2021 (Beyond The Veil)
Hunt/Event DatesSeptember 1-30, 2021
Applications Deadline Date8/23/21 11:59pm
Where To Applyhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKU7T2I1TTKv96ymzFcyku1mfZY0Np2kPy9Inx0fIFpmsX4Q/viewform
Organisers SL NameRox Arten
Any Other InfoAs one of the longest-running hunts in Secondlife Twisted has a reputation that precedes it as the hardest hunt on the grid. We cater to all non-mainstream market segments with an ever-changing theme. You are not required to build to the theme or color of the hunt but we do look for high-quality merchants and are always happy to find new ones to add to our regulars. This is our 26th biannual grid-wide hunt, though hunt is not an apt word, twisted is something more than a hunt, we also encourage merchants to do gachas and extras that they can sell to hunters, and have an experience-based end game. We encourage merchants to apply, if you are mainstream and willing to do a prize that suits less mainstream markets we’d love to have you as well as those merchants who already cater to the markets that make up our Twisted Community! Twisted has a group with over 7k members and continues to grow, we’ve got something special to offer our participating merchants, many of whom are regulars who do it time and time again even when they no longer participate in most other hunts.
Type of HuntGrid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URLhttps://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SecretsofGaia/174/218/21
Marketplace Starting URLn/a
Hunt Object:Twisted Cube (Dusk)
Cost of HuntL$0
Hunt Groupsecondlife:///app/group/73770da7-7d71-a54e-6e86-60a3e9281e07/about

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