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Femboy Hunt

Pastels! All items are accepted: accessories, body mods, clothing, hair, cosmetics, tattoos, skins, shapes, mesh body appliers, shoes, and all avatar mods, ratings G to adult. Anything goes so long as it is for femboys, androgynous and non-binary/alternate genders. If you have any questions regarding non-binary/alternate genders, feel free to contact Taki!

Hunt Name Femboy Hunt
Hunt Date April 1st – April 30th
Applications Deadline Date March 28th
Where To Apply https://forms.gle/KGeHmNBHuXudUFmz7
Organisers SL Name Taki Kujisawa
Any Other Info The Femboy Hunt is the first and only hunt in Second Life for femboy, androgynous, neutrois, non-binary and alternate gendered avatars. Creators from all over the grid offer flat chested items with no boob shading fit for V-Tech, Simple Stuff, Maitreya flat and Slink Petite chest mods, femboy friendly avatars such as Kuroo, Kemono, etc, all male and female mesh bodies, as well as footwear, jewelry and accessories, clothing with bulges, and other clothing in a variety of styles. The hunt items cost 2L each and will be hidden inside a small winged potion bottle dressed up to fit the theme. Creators will hide this bottle with their item inside, in their stores during the month of the event! Each round has a different theme chosen by the hunters by a poll on the website. Some past themes include: Cyberpunk, formal wear, Gothic, purity, science fiction and so many more! Marketplace only stores can join also! You can put the item on your marketplace and/or hide the item on the Femboy Hunt & Events sim. There are also carts and shops available for rent on the sim. There is no cost for creators to join the hunt unless they would like to be sponsors!
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PlayadelaFamilia/207/232/2103
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: A small winged potion bottle dressed up to fit the theme
Cost of Hunt 2L
Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/a3d4460b-f849-0575-81e0-1287a1fc967b/about

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