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Stray Souls Halloween Hunt 2020

There are over 30 prizes to be found 25 are pictures that form a sort of kinky story. As this is supposed to be a fun tour of the lands of Stray Souls and those of one of our neighbors, we ask that you refrain from using cheats. The clues aren’t meant to be difficult and there are no decoys. If you work in couples or teams please keep locations in IM to not spoil the fun for other hunters. This is an adult SIM and I do have toys out that potentially could be used as traps. Do Not trap other hunters! You may use them for your own enjoyment or pictures, but harassment will be cause for ejection. There is one active RLV trap in the Gothroom it is marked with a warning sign 🙂 Stray Souls is a Bloodlines Pack and this is Bloodlines friendly land but unsolicited attacks will not be tolerated, you ask and not your HUD. Lastly adult themes and prizes on Adult Land so No Child Avatars Other than those rules we all wish you to have fun 🙂

Hunt Name Stray Souls Halloween Hunt 2020
Hunt Date October 24th to November 1st
Applications Deadline Date none
Where To Apply Just start at starting point
Organisers SL Name Robin Sleydon
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondomia/95/50/3002
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: Halloween Bag, see image in Notecard by clicking on starting board
Cost of Hunt 0
Hunt Group Robin’s Erotica


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