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Happy Fall Harambee Fair & hunt

free-theme or inspired by everything related to autumn, fantasy, diversity, elves, goblins and wizards.

Hunt Name Happy Fall Harambee Fair & hunt
Hunt Date September 21 / November 30
Applications Deadline Date September 30
Where To Apply https://harambeehunts.blogspot.com/p/happy-fall-harambee-fair-hunt-app.html
Organisers SL Name Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, VitaVita resident
Any Other Info The Happy Fall Charity Fair is free-themed. A great get together of gifted designers, showing Fashion, Home and Garden products and items Full Perm. Some items for sale go to the IKSDP-Harambee Gwassi Kenya schools fund-raiser (https://iksdpnyandiwa.net/en non-profit association). Garden Art’s installations by Ciottolina Xue. Most of carts are reserved for Harambee Hunts designers, but it is possible to take some more space.
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imperial Ar/88/29/12
Marketplace Starting URL n/a
Hunt Object: pumpkins with lights
Cost of Hunt 3L$
Hunt Group not required

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