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Quest Fur Cover

Quest Fur Cover is a grid-wide biannual hunt aimed specifically at Furry/Furry Friendly stores, and strives to get them noticed, help increase traffic, and encourage the community to work together. QFC is a FREE hunt, meaning there will be no cost for the prizes handed out, and there is no cost for merchants to join, unless they are interested in a sponsor space. More information on sponsorship, and the sponsor application, can be found in the section after the merchant app! QFC features a variety of wonderful stores, both old and new; each of which hide fun and exciting prizes for our hunters to find, using hints and working together! This encourages merchants and costumers to communicate and trade wares! Customers will discover new stores, sims and people! Other perks: -Notices for products/New releases/ in the FF VIP Group and QFC group for the duration of the Hunt! -Boosted traffic, with new visitors and returning hunter, which can result in boosted sales! -Sponsors (And eventually regular merchants) get first pick of Merchant booths in FF’s Sponsor area. Before the booths are opened to the public. The hunt will run from October 1st through the 31st. We are sending out applications way in advance to give merchants plenty of time to make their product something amazing! All you need to do is provide a prize that you will hide in the QFC hunt icon we provide to you, along with the landmark to the next store, and hide the icon in your main store! If you are interested please fill out the application

Hunt Name Quest Fur Cover
Hunt Date oct.1st-oct.31st
Applications Deadline Date sept.18th
Where To Apply https://forms.gle/zKq1XFCrVpHUhKQn7
Organisers SL Name Becky Doulton
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furry/212/58/29
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: QFC Logo
Cost of Hunt free
Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/60b06886-19d8-b307-2794-3d55c7e2d0ad/about

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