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Twisted Hunt Fall 2020 (Drow)

Drow is … A member of a fictional race of dark elves in various fantasy settings… or … A fictional constructed language spoken by the Drow … or … A trow; a member of a race of folkloric beings from Orkney and Shetland; cognate to the Scandinavian troll. A word of caution, Drow can be fully and wholly generic, or potentially an IP issue. We have a no-tolerance policy for these kinds of infringements. So please take care that you are NOT using copyrighted images, names, etc from various games and are instead ensuring that your items are within the generic realm of the Drow that is most common!

Hunt Name Twisted Hunt Fall 2020 (Drow)
Hunt Date Sept 1-30, 2020
Applications Deadline Date 8/23/20 11:59pm
Where To Apply https://forms.gle/awaHTavSgQVqJ7yV7
Organisers SL Name Rox Arten
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SecretsofGaia/150/140/21
Marketplace Starting URL n/a
Hunt Object: Twisted Cube (Moss Covered Earth)
Cost of Hunt L$0
Hunt Group secondlife:///app/group/73770da7-7d71-a54e-6e86-60a3e9281e07/about

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