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Flower’s Time Hunt

flowers, plants and flowering meadows, colors, happiness, rebirth

Hunt Name Flower’s Time Hunt
Hunt Date May 1st / May 31st
Applications Deadline Date April 29th
Where To Apply https://harambeehunts.blogspot.com/p/flowers-time-hunt-app.html
Organisers SL Name Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh, VitaVita resident
Any Other Info Treasure hunt dedicated to the brightest and sweetest month! 14 Sponsors (they have the first hunting spots and the space on our website). All fees and donations are for the fundraising to IKSDP-Harambee project Gwassi Kenya schools.
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URL https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ImperialAr/76/204/12
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: a Daisy flower
Cost of Hunt 3
Hunt Group not required

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