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Snow Bunny Hunt

Baby, it’s cold outside but the snow bunnies are on the hunt! ♥ The Snow Bunny Hunt is a sim-wide adult winter hunt at A Town Called Short Leash. Designers will be allowed to use all public areas of sim to place their hunt items. Hunt items should be winter/holiday/Xmas/pet play/kinky/adult related- they can be PG or kinky. 😀 You could make kinky items or winter decor that anyone could use. Please keep within the theme. REMEMBER, THIS IS AN ADULT HUNT! The hunt will run from December 1st through 31st, with all hunt items returned from sim on Jan 1st. The hunt is open to the public and will be advertised on Seraphim, as well as other SL media outlets. Please have all items rezzed on sim and ready to go no later than November 29th.

Hunt Name Snow Bunny Hunt
Hunt Date December 1-31
Applications Deadline Date November 1
Where To Apply https://shortleash.online/snow-bunny-hunt/
Organisers SL Name shortleash resident, millicentbranwen resident
Any Other Info Application deadline November 1 this is the hunt application ❤ I will send a form for the actual hunt when line up is out
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jumpers/156/130/26
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: TBA
Cost of Hunt 10-25L
Hunt Group n/a

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