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13 Days of Halloween Advent


Hunt Name 13 Days of Halloween Advent
Hunt Date October 19-October 31
Applications Deadline Date October 16
Where To Apply https://femboyhuntsl.blogspot.com/
Organisers SL Name Taki Kujisawa
Any Other Info This is a mini in-store event that involves a 0L – 1L item with a Halloween theme, on whichever of the 12 days you are assigned (19 – 30th). The items do not need to be new, it can be a **re-textured or recolored item** in theme with Halloween. There are a lot of ways to celebrate Halloween including costumes, treats, indoor and outdoor decorations, dark and spooky or spoopy, sexy or silly. Anything so long as it’s Halloween-y and/or inspired by Halloween! Halloween means something different to everyone, so have fun with it. October 31st will be a day for anyone who wants to offer a 2nd item to offer them all on the same day. 2nd items are not required. We ask 2nd items be given separately from the 1st item and only on October 31st. This is so on Halloween people can ‘trick or treat’ around to all our stores again! Same as the first item, it does not have to be a new item. A re-textured or re-colored item is acceptable. All items must be no trans, so people have to come to you if they want one of the items. After the event is over, the permissions for the items you make, or whether you retire them are up to you! Note: I’ve been asked if a special ‘Advent Only’ item can be given from a gacha you’ve made previously. For example you made a shoe gacha last month for an event and want to make a special Halloween version for the Advent. This is fine, but please make the item NO TRANS. Also remember it’s a special edition item, people will want to know this, so put it on your ads. Ads are due by the 16th of October so we have time to add the first few days to the Advent Gallery on the website. The poster and decorated advent vendor will be provided for you. The event is not gender specific, and all items and ratings are welcome though we do encourage creators to make items that are all avatar and gender friendly. However, because we accept adult stores, children’s stores are not allowed in the event. Because this is not a free advent, we ask you turn in ads for your items. Ads are required for an online gallery. Any updates will be sent via subscriber directly to merchants. Once the event is over, your name will be removed from the subscriber unless you ask us to keep it on our list.
Type of Hunt Event
In-World Starting URL TBA
Marketplace Starting URL  
Hunt Object:  
Cost of Hunt 0
Hunt Group


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