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Lone Oak Harbor – Halloween Hunt

Lone Oak Harbor was a once thriving island, but fell into disarray after the hunger began, as well as the experiments on it’s once vibrant population. It has now become a veritable wasteland of the worst that humanity can offer, with only minimal life remaining and in its worst forms. While some factions went underground or to remote parts of the land, very few survived, although nobody escaped. The land is filled with 40+ hidden treasures from nearly 30 different designers/builders, for those who attempt to traverse the island, with it’s town, mountain, treacherous paths, waterways and many caverns. It is highly recommended to keep your sound on for the full effect.

Hunt Name Lone Oak Harbor – Halloween Hunt
Hunt Date 10-1-2019 – 10-31-2019
Applications Deadline Date Deadline Closed
Where To Apply NA
Organisers SL Name Mike8774
Any Other Info 40+ Hunt Items from 25+ creators.
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LogginOffHomes/128/126/31
Marketplace Starting URL NA
Hunt Object: Treasure Chest
Cost of Hunt $1L (Only for hunt items, the event is free)
Hunt Group Not Required

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