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Dogs Days of Summer Hunt

♥ DOG DAYS OF SUMMER HUNT INFO ♥ Nothing like a sim-wide hunt to beat the the dog days of summer! 😀 The Dog Days of Summer Hunt is a sim-wide *adult* pet play themed hunt at A Town Called Short Leash. Hunt items will be hidden in all *public areas* of A Town Called Short Leash sim. Multiple stores including Short Leash, Peachy Keen, Muggleborn, HILTED, and Inner Demons will be participating. Each hunt item is only 10L and each store features at least one exclusive item to the hunt. The hunt runs from July 10th – August 6th and is open to the public. Please keep in mind this is an *adult* sim and hunt- NO CHILD AVATARS will be allowed. ♥ Be on the lookout for bones scattered across the sim- find one and you’ve found your hunt item! Each store’s bones will be color coded for all around ease. Grab the ATCSL Dog Days of Summer HUNT HINTS located at the hunt start and get your summer hunt on!

Hunt Name Dogs Days of Summer Hunt
Hunt Date 7/10/19 – 8/6/19
Applications Deadline Date n/a
Where To Apply n/a
Organisers SL Name shortleash resident, millicentbranwen resident
Any Other Info info and hints here: http://shortleash.online/dog-days-of-summer-hunt/
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jumpers/156/130/26
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: multicolored dog bones
Cost of Hunt 10L
Hunt Group n/a – public

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