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Evil Bunny Hunt 9

This is our inaugural hunt and it’s in year 9! You will select either the naughty devil egg or the nice angel egg. Hunt gifts are required to be themed in this genre- Theme: naughty, nice, sexy, sweet, angel, devil-Easter & spring are fine, just make them naughty or nice- it’s a bunny with an evil, bloody carrot-run with it 🙂

Hunt Name Evil Bunny Hunt 9
Hunt Date April 3-30
Applications Deadline Date March 15th or when full
Where To Apply http://www.evilbunnysl.com
Organisers SL Name allie munro
Any Other Info Evil Bunny Productions Hunt The Evil Bunny Hunt 9 April 3rd-30th https://www.flickr.com/groups/ebphunts/ https://www.facebook.com/evilbunnyproductions/ http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brewery/126/192/21
Marketplace Starting URL
Hunt Object: devil and angel eggs
Cost of Hunt 1L
Hunt Group evil bunny productions-designers/ evil bunny hunts-hunters

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