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Bring the new year in with style and grab a bargain at the Twenty19 sale event. Designers will be bringing you their best and here’s the best part…you can grab them from 25% – 50% off it’s original price. No set theme

Hunt Name Twenty19
Hunt Date January 6 – 20 2019
Applications Deadline Date December 30 2018
Where To Apply https://goo.gl/forms/nnZRVBRhX8uBxgNt1
Organisers SL Name karma Maesar
Any Other Info Requirements: – Designers can choose up to 10 items to place at their stall. Items are to be discounted 25% – 50% off the original selling price. -Items must be current and introduced in your store from no later than June 1st 2018. – No exclusives are required for this event. – Items original price must not be lower than $100L
Type of Hunt Event
In-World Starting URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WakullaWaters/49/92/1001
Marketplace Starting URL n/a
Hunt Object: n/a
Cost of Hunt n/a
Hunt Group Gossip Events

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