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Lost & Found Treasure Hunt

1) 11 bottles have been LOST all over the L&F sim! It’s your job to FIND them all, so you can crack the code to uncover a stash of secret loot! 2) To find all of our bottles, you’ll need to solve 11 clues! 3) Some of the bottles will give you a letter. You will need to unscramble these letters to discover the password to the ancient treasure chest. 4) Crack the code, click the treasure chest and input your password to receive a magical key. Wear this and touch each prize vendor to claim your prizes. 5) Most of all… have fun! Feel free to help each other out in our grup chat, but please don’t spoil it for anyone else taking part. 6) Ready to get started?! Clue #1 Your first clue might make you want to get a new tattoo, so seek inspiration from 2 girls with a cat, then look on top of a box!

Hunt Name Lost & Found Treasure hunt
Hunt Date May 22nd-June 18th
Applications Date
Where To Apply
Organisers SL Name Trinity Yazimoto
Any Other Info
Type of Hunt Event
SLurl to marketplace and/or in-world starting location

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