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Grow Your Awareness Hunt

Autism Awareness, Inclusiveness, anything related to advocating/supporting/loving individuals with autism.

Hunt Name Grow Your Awareness
Hunt Date April 1-30
Applications Date now – march 20th
Where To Apply https://mixmatchmissy.com/grow-your-awarness-hunt/
Organisers SL Name Misdevious Resident
Any Other Info Hunt poster will be updated! I just noticed that typo today (hoping no one else does yet! hehe) Application online may not remain up as it is as late as the 20th, as I hope to start posting previews by then. I don’t have my exact start location as yet. It will likely be my own individual gift that I will set out in the Plaza at the Free Dove, I just need to check with Paloma about exactly where she would like it. I just started sending out packets last night, so stores are slowly trickling in with their info! The logos will be added to the slideshow under the hunt poster, it’s only been a 4 hours so, the point I guess, is that it will continue to grow! Stores can also apply by contacting me directly in game. You don’t have to post this…just for your information.
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to marketplace and/or in-world starting location

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