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Spring Twisted Hunt 2018 Atlantis

To kick off our 10th anniversary year for Twisted Hunts & Events we’ll be exploring the theme of Atlantis through the creative interpretations of our amazing and wonderfully creative merchants! Let’s take a trip to the Island of Atlantis, said to have been a peaceful and advanced society before it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, earthquakes and a tsunami that sank the island… the theme pulls in elements of many stories told of the island even as far back as Plato or further and there are lots of fantastical versions around to stoke your creative fires for the first of our 10th anniversary epic themes! NOTE: We know there can be much debate around this theme… was it real or mythical, was it an independent or part of another nation, where was it located if it was real, and so much more, but we have no desire to debate who is right or wrong, nor to stifle anyone’s creativity here so you get to make those choices for yourself! Want to see it in Greece, as a Minoan Island, something else, hell put it in Antarctica if you really want we’re cool with that too… in our book, every one of you is absolutely right about your own interpretation used to inspire your builds!!

Hunt Name Spring Twisted Hunt 2018 Atlantis (Our 10th Annual Spring Hunt!)
Hunt Date March 10-31, 2018
Applications Date February 13, 2018 (sooner if we fill all spots)!
Where To Apply http://twistedhunt.com/application.php
Organisers SL Name Rox Arten
Any Other Info Start is Twisted Hunt Headquarters
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to marketplace and/or in-world starting location TBA

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