Dark Wonderland



Fall of Man will be presenting the Dark Wonderland hunt April 1st through 30th! Right now we are accepting folks who would like to participate in this. Must be able to provide minimum 1 item for the hunt, more is always welcome. This is a free hunt and will be located on the sim in a fantasy world being created. The theme is Dark Wonderland, so anything Alice in Wonderland (Through The Looking Glass) is welcome and encouraged! All welcome packs will go out March 20th with the hunt item in it to place your items. So enter deadline is March 19th. And you can hide it anywhere in the hunt area you choose! If you would like to participate please return a Nc with store name and your SL name (not display name) to make it easier to find you. Let’s have a blast! Blessed Be, Syren Nightfire

Hunt Name Dark Wonderland
Hunt Date April 1st-30th
Applications Date by March 19th  Send NC with store name and SL name (not display name) to xxsyrenxx
Organisers SL Name xxsyrenxx resident
Any Other Info This is an Adult sim, so please no children or child items
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL%20Respect/120/116/1193

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  1. The Link doesn’t work


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